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Honolulu is one of the most well known vacation spots in the US. This city is the capital of Hawaii, many tourist spots that are present here. There are a couple of ways to travel from other parts of the world to Honolulu. One way is via sea transport and the other is via flight. Road transport is not available as this is a small island belonging to United States of America.

Now, to have the convenience of traveling you have to book all the tickets in advance. You can use online method or you can call up for a travel agency in and around your location to get more details about ticket booking. You can get Honolulu travel information from internet or can enquire with any of the travel agents available in your location.

Honolulu International airport connects the region to different parts of the globe. There are a number of flights that service the region. The airport has some good shops and restaurants. The airport is surrounded by beautiful gardens and there are a number of attractions that are there are there for the visitors.

You can contact the travel agents to get Honolulu travel tips before leaving for the vacation. Make sure the air tickets are booked before and get to the airport before the scheduled time. Have minimum luggage, with all the essentials material required for the vacation. Take good necessary steps to book a car for rental through the travel agencies.

There are excellent accommodation facilities that are available close to the airport. These are equipped with a range of amenities to ensure that the tourists have a comfortable time in the hotels. There are also ample dining facilities that are there close to the airport.

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