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A Hawaiian landmark, the Aloha Tower is a fully functioning lighthouse and clock tower on the Honolulu Harbor. A relic of the pre-war era, it is a much loved structure in Hawaii. From its 10th floor observation deck, you can get scenic views of the harbor, city skyline, and the surrounding mountainous landscape. A visit to the Tower makes for a great day out, as you also can stroll down the waterfront, visit museums, or enjoy the local marketplace. In our travel articles, you will find more details.
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Aloha Tower Marketplace Parking Information

Aloha! Feel the zing of Honolulu at Aloha Tower Marketplace! Just kick back and walk for a while in this fantastic open-air marketplace. It's so airy and unique.

It houses the famous Aloha Tower, an imposing lighthouse dating back to the year of 1926. Nearly 200 feet tall, it's an oft-photographed Hawaii landmark as the most recognized building in the state. Falls of Clyde and Hawaii Maritime Center in the Marketplace also deserve your visiting.

These landmarks are surrounded by more than 70 distinctive shops and award-winning restaurants, all of which form a shopping, dining and entertainment complex located at the Honolulu Harbor. It's the waterfront boundary of Honolulu's central business district. The address of Aloha Tower Marketplace is 1 Aloha Tower Drive Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. It is just one block waterside of the intersection of Nimitz Highway and Bishop Street.

The convenient central location makes the Marketplace is easily accessible.

- Piers 10 and 11 at the Port of Honolulu are just steps from the Marketplace, thus you can enjoy a Hawaii cruise tour for getting there.

- Waikiki Trolley is regarded as the cheapest and most fun ground transportation Oahu offers. Its Red Line drives you to Honolulu's cultural district, while the Pink Line offers transportation to shopping destinations and the Green Line gives you shopping opportunities.

For visitors to Aloha Tower Marketplace, take the Red Line which has key stops at the State Capitol, Aloha Tower Marketplace and Chinatown.

The trolley arrives every 55 minutes, 7 days a week, including holidays from 11:15 am - 5:45 pm. You have three ticket options: 1-Day Pass, 4-Day Pass and 7-Day Pass. They allow unlimited boarding privileges on the designated lines for the corresponding numbers of days.

For detailed schedule and ticket info about Waikiki Trolley, check the following page or call 1-808-591-2561 (international), 1-808-593-8750 (US).

Red Line Schedule

- For visitors who want a deluxe tour, opt for limousine transportation. Platinum Limousine recommended by Aloha Tower will be a great choice. They have the largest fleet of Hawaii Limousines and Honolulu Limo choices in the state.

Platinum Limousine

- If you prefer city bus to reach the Marketplace from Waikiki, you can take #19 or 20 and get off on Alakea Street and Hotel Nimitz Highway. Or catch #2 or 13 bus and debark on Bishop and Hotel Street, later walk down towards the ocean and across Nimitz Highway at a crosswalk. To return, board #2, 3 from Hotel Street and Bishop Street, or #19, 20, 42 from King and Bishop Street or #55, 56 or 57 from Aloha Tower Drive and get off at Ala Moana Beach park bus stop where you can transfer to Waikiki-bound buses.

Self-driving is quite handy for visitors coming to Aloha Tower Marketplace as it's just one block waterside of the intersection of Nimitz Highway and Bishop Street. And parking won't cause any tiny problem.

We list helpful directions for you driving there:

From Waikiki

- From Ala Wai Boulevard, turn left onto Niu Street;

- Continue straight onto Ala Moana Boulevard;

- Take the left exit to Piers 4-11.

From Oahu's Windward Side

- Take Like Like Highway or H-3 depending on your area and head east;

- Take the Pali Highway Exit, heading towards downtown Honolulu;

- Turn into Bishop.

From Hawaii Kai

- From Kalanianaole Highway, then get onto H-1 heading west;

- Take the Vineyard Exit;

- Turn left onto Punchbowl Street;

- Continue to end of Punchbowl;

- Turn right onto Ala Moana Boulevard;

- Take the left exit to Piers 4-11.

From Oahu's Northshore & Waianae

- Take H-2 heading south;

- Continue onto H-1 heading east;

- Take the Punchbowl exit;

- Continue on Punchbowl Street;

- Turn right onto Ala Moana Boulevard;

- Take the left exit to Piers 4-11.

Route Map on Official Site

When you reach the Marketplace, take advantage of their valet or self parking:

Limited self parking is at Irwin Park with entrance directly across the main entrance to the Marketplace. It's available from 8:30am - 2:00am from Sunday to Saturday.

Main parking spaces can be found at Pier 5 and 6. Self parking charges $3.00 for the first hour. The fee will be added with $3.00 for each additional 30 minutes. Valet Parking begins from $5.00 in the first hour, then $5.00 will be charged for every 30 minutes thereafter. The maximum parking rate per day is $50.00. If you lose the ticket, then you have to pay for the same rate.

Parking validations for reduced rate may be obtained by making a minimum purchase from any Aloha Tower Merchant. You can get a validation sticker from any of the stores or restaurants of the Marketplace. The validation rates are:

During workdays, the parking cost begins at $2.00 for self parking and $5.00 for valet parking for the hours of 7:15 am-4:00 pm (Up to 3 hours). Each 30 minutes thereafter, they charge $3.00 for self parking and $5.00 for valet parking. If you enter after 4:00pm, the fees are $2.00 and $5.00 respectively for self and valet parking.

The flat rates with ATM validation for Saturday and Sunday are $2.00 for self parking while $5.00 for valet parking.

Aloha Tower Marketplace gives a special holiday parking rate, including New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. You can enjoy a flat rate of $2 for self parking and $5.00 for valet parking.

Alternative parking options near Aloha Tower Marketplace:

Topa Financial Building in AMFAC Center boasts the most generously sized parking in the central business district. It offers 946 parking spaces with a ratio of 1 / 500 square feet.

Address: 700 Bishop Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Phone: 808-521-2204

Parking Rates:

Monday - Friday: $3.25 every 1/2 hour

Flat rate after 5pm: $5.00

Saturday & Sunday: $5.00 flat rate

Harbor Court

Address: 66 Queen Street, Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 808-522-1240

Parking Rates:

Monday - Friday: $3.00 for the first 2 hours, $1.50 every 1/2 hour thereafter

Every day after 5pm: $0.50 every 1/2 hour, $3.00 maximum

Saturday & Sunday: $0.50 every 1/2 hour, $3.00 maximum

Harbor Square

Address: 700 Richards Street, Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 808-522-0780

Parking Rates:

Monday - Friday: $4.00 every 1/2 hour

Flat rate after 4pm: $5.00

Saturday & Sunday: $5.00 flat rate (9am - 9pm)

Pacific Guardian Center is a distinctive office complex in downtown. It has 786 stall parking spaces for its tenants and visitors.

Address: 733 Bishop Street, Makai Tower, Suite 1270, Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 808-537-6132

Parking Info from Homepage

The downtown garages offer about 3,500 spaces, so you can easily find a safety spot for your vehicle. Do remember to bring a lot of quarters. Many parking garages and parking lots are only equipped with parking meters. Parking meters typically charge 10 minutes per quarter.

Take A Tour To Aloha Tower In Honolulu: Discovering The Historic Features Of Hawaii

The Aloha Tower is the main landmark to Hawaii in the United States which was opened in the 1926. The magnificent tower is located at Pier 9 of the Honolulu Harbor. This has been the state's Statue of Liberty, greeting immigrants from all over the world to Honolulu. The landmark is approximately 10 stories and 184 feet and the tallest structure in Hawaii. Its style is borrowed from the architectural of Hawaiian Gothic.

Aloha Tower

If you love expanse views, the Aloha Tower was built with the design with the viewers in mind. Being an observatory of arriving visitors in the 1920 to 1930, the build has a great spot for viewing a large expanse. The only way up is through a small vintage elevator. Once at the top, the view of Honolulu is breathtaking and unforgettable. The public is allowed daily form 9.30am to 5.00pm with a free admission.

Tower Observation Deck

The tower being a historical site holds historical galleries captured over time and displayed in a beautiful manner. The galleries range from those in the Falls of Clyde to Hawaii Maritime Center to downtown Honolulu featuring the Aloha Tower and many more galleries of the history of Hawaii. The gallery was opened to present Honolulu history of the harbor.

Aloha Tower Galleries

Completed in 1994, the Aloha Tower Marketplace features several already declared national marketplaces. It was constructed as part of Honolulu Harbor commercial revitalization project. This is certainly the best place to do your shopping after a view at the Aloha Tower; it has many stores and popular restaurants as well as conventions facilities.


Aloha Tower Restaurants Guide

Since 1994, the Aloha Tower Marketplace has been serving visitors as well as the locals with a vibrant Hawaii shopping center. The most famous landmark Aloha Tower is included and continues to be a guiding lighthouse to the city of Honolulu. And besides shopping and sightseeing, dining in Aloha Tower Marketplace will also be a memorable experience.

Located at 1 Aloha Tower Drive Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-4815, Aloha Tower Marketplace features four buildings of two levels and a Boat Days Bazaar. There are totally 14 popular restaurants scattering around this place. Here is a list of them:

Dining in the Heart of Honolulu

Boat Days Bazaar is one of the most frequented areas on the waterfront at Aloha Tower Marketplace. It has up to 70 temporary stalls and pushcarts. And here we have The Waterfront, a harbor front banquet and event facility offering exquisite catering. They feature a wide range of chefs and restaurants to cater to different types of banquets. You can just discuss the menu with them beforehand. To learn more about their catering:

Catering of The Waterfront

Try My Dogs is a leisure hot dog stand serving old fashioned hot dogs with fresh baked Hawaiian sweetbread. You can also taste one of the local favorites, the shave ice.

Try My Dogs at Aloha Tower Marketplace

If you want some Asian flavor with the Hawaiian charm, go to Aloha Sushi at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Sushi, sandwiches, hot miso soup and bubble tea - you can enjoy all these at Aloha Sushi. You can either eat in the store or take away the food.

Aloha Sushi

If you are a frequent visitor to Aloha Tower Marketplace, you will notice the four building are full of shopping and dining places.

Chai's Island Bistro is located at the street level of Building 1. This restaurant features full service and bar serving lunch and dinner. If a really fine Thai food with Hawaiian musicians, this is just the right place.

Chai's Island Bistro

Also at the street level of Building 1, Island Vintage Coffee is serving gourmet 100% Knoa Peaberry coffee, Hawaiian teas with hot and cold coffee drinks. To know more about Island Vintage Coffee:

Island Vintage Coffee

Makino Chaya is at the upper level and offers a unique concept in buffet dining. You can taste delicious sushi, salad, dessert while marveling at a variety of seafood.

You can find two restaurants at Building 2. One is Hooters at the street level, open from 10:30 am to midnight of Friday & Saturday, and from 10:30 am to 11 pm if Sunday to Thursday. Once you get into the restaurant, you will be welcomed by some Hooters Girls. They will lead you to a fun dining atmosphere.


The Aloha Lounge is quite another type of restaurant which features a gallery of local artists. You will also get internet access and wifi zone. It's a rather quiet place for dining. And the expansive space is used for events and entertainment.

Building 3 only houses one restaurant named as Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant which is the first micro brewery dining place in Hawaii. You will enjoy great food as well as fresh beer.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

If you are seeking for more dining options in Aloha Tower Marketplace, you should head to Building 4. At the street level, there is the Don Ho's Island Grill which features live Hawaiian music.

Don Ho's Island Grill

When you are at the upper level of Building 4, there are fast foods like Casa Mia, Japanese restaurants like Kabuto, traditional Hawaiian restaurant - Bikini Cantina and fresh made gourmet chocolate products like Sweet Memory Chocolates.

Amazing Panoramic View of the Harbor - Sightseeing Experience in Aloha Tower

One of the Tallest structures in Hawai, Aloha Tower has been a huge tourist attractions for a long time. Also, the giant clock has become a symbol of heritage for Hawaii, known for its magnificence. The Aloha tower is iin itself a tourist hub, and also provides a great view of the city, the sea and the port.

Aloha Tower Homepage

The topmost point of the tower is the observation deck. It is accessible from the 10th floor through a vintage elevetor and gives a grand landscape of the city and some of the best views of Honolulu. It is open to public for free from 9.30 in the morning to 5 pm in the evening.

The Aloha Tower is adjacent to the marketplace and the pier. So, many tourists prefer to go to the tower via a cruise ship, making their journey more adventurous. There are also occasional transport trolleys from the pier to the tower for Cruise Ship Arrivals.

The Aloha Tower is surrounded by some unique eateries and places to hang out. The wide range of restaurants provide food choices from all over the world. Everything from Sushi, Mexican, italian, Continental, Chinese and American foods are available. The marketplace also has a number of exquisite bars and open air restaurants.

Apart from eateries, there are a lot of modern shops selling everything from Clothes to Artifacts and Collecter's items. There are also speciality shops that sell that Artifacts indegenous to the Hawai region.

Another great attraction are the famous massage parlours around the tower which provide world Class massage.

Aloha Tower Marketplace

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