Basic Guide for Your Beach Tour: Honolulu Weather and Traffic Conditions

Honolulu is one of the most renounced tourist locations and is a very popular destination for beaches inviting thousands of visitors every year. Honolulu has some of the world famous attractions like the amazing Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Waimea Bay, Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona and Honolulu Zoo. Interesting things to do are climbing Amazing Diamond Head, snorkeling the beautiful Hanauma Bay or cruising the coast of Oahu for watching dolphins. Other things that you cannot neglect to visit in Honolulu are the white sand beaches offering exciting sports like swimming, snorkeling, boating, surfing, canoeing and kayaking.

Honolulu, Touring Around Beaches

Some of the world famous beaches to tour in Honolulu are:

Hanauma Bay that is a horseshoe bay, which has interesting beaches and diving spots that is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. This is also a preserve park for marine life of Hawaii.

Kailua Beach Park is an abode of heaven for beach lovers who find conditions most of the year ideal to sunbath, swim, snorkel and windsurf.

Waimea Bay is one of the most enchanting beaches that will better fit picnicking and surfing.

Beaches in Honolulu

Honolulu beaches gains popularity for the balmy, tropical weather year round. The beaches have highs of about 78°-82°in winter reaching high in summer and lows in winter. Rains are around November and March while the busy tourist season is from November to January. Whale watching is best from December to March.

Beach weather conditions in Honolulu

When you are touring around the Hawaiian beaches, especially during the peak tourist season time, traffic might be a problem. This is because Honolulu, Hawaii is a naive state with tropical weather that is highly unpredictable, and you can always get updated information on Honolulu traffic while travelling around by registering into their website.

Traffic in Honolulu

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