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Bishop Museum is a magnificent museum located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It provides a stupendous look into Hawaii's fascinating past. The Museum was founded by Charles Reed Bishop in 1889 for his beloved wife. There are numerous events held throughout the year and is the only science center in the nation that concentrates on the science of its native region. One can witness contemporary art works along with spellbinding science events.

With Bishop Museum turning into the science center, it has stepped into a new world of science and fiction without compromising on the classic Hawaii feel. The Center has an erupting volcano where one can see molten lava along with many science exhibits for kids and kids at heart. The science center takes you in a different world providing a comprehensive look at the Hawaiian culture and its esthetic appeal.

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The museum has terrific displays, short tours and wonderful exhibitions attracting thousands of people from all across the nation. It is a wonderful tribute on how many cultures can survive together in a peaceful environment. This place is an ideal destination for kids providing a magnificent platform to showcase their artistic talent along with an unforgettable experience.

One can look Honolulu travel guide portals to have an idea about the museum and other attractions around. Honolulu, Hawaii travel can be a wonderful holiday destination for art lovers offering a wide array of attractions along with an unforgettable experience.

The museum has the largest collection of historic materials of the island. One can experience the influence of both pre- western and post-western in the history of the place. The beauty of the museum with tons of artifacts will take you to a different world of art and science. This is one place in Honolulu tagged as 'a must see' in all the travel brochures.

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Bishop Museum Address
1525 Bernice Street
Honolulu, HI 96817

Tel: (808) 847-3511
Fax: (808) 841-8968

Bishop Museum Hours:
Wednesday - Monday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesdays and December 25: Closed

Ticket Information for the Bishop Museum:
Bishop Museum Members: Free
Adult: $ 17.95
Senior, 65 & over: $ 14.95
Child (ages 4-12): $ 14.95
Child (age 3 & under): Free


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