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A must see on any trip to Honolulu is the Bishop Museum. Founded in 1889, this museum showcases 24.7 million artifacts of the natural and cultural history of Hawaii. You will be transported into the worlds of the Pacific Islanders and original immigrants when browsing through an archive rich in photographic, audio and video materials. The Honolulu Guide especially recommends this museum to natural world enthusiasts for the millions of specimens of native plant and animals housed there. In our guide on Honolulu, you will find listings of ongoing and special events and details on planning a day at the museum.
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Visit Bishop Museum in Honolulu: A Perfect Destination to Learn Hawaiian History and Culture

Founded in 1889, the museum was originally built as a centre of Hawaiian artifacts and heirlooms of the Princess. Over the years it has expanded and now houses a number of photographs, artifacts and documents depicting the history and culture of Hawaii as well as some other Pacific Island countries.

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It is the largest museum in Hawaii, and renowned across the globe for its educational programmers, research projects and historic and cultural collections. It is famous for housing the largest Polynesian cultural artifacts in the world. It also has an impressive entomological collection, which is the third largest in the country.

The planetarium holds a number of shows that are surely worth a watch. One of the more famous shows depicts how the Hawaiians navigated using the stars in the olden days.

The Science Adventure Center often houses a number of extremely interesting and interactive exhibits. Exhibits on Hawaii's environment are most popular. This is also a great place to bring kids and show them exhibits such as the simulated lava flow or the simulated tidal wave.

There are a number of events and festivals that take place throughout the year. A number of local music groups perform regularly. There are even festivals for children. There are also some interesting permanent and special exhibits. Hence it would make a lot of sense to check out the dates and schedules of the events and festivals that are going to take place in this museum.

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Educational Visit to Bishop Museum Honolulu-Exhibitions, Calendar of Events and Tourist Info

Built by Charles Reed Bishop, this Bishop museum houses a host of artifacts pertaining to Hawaiian history, nature and heritage. It is the largest museum in the state and not only does it has the normal guided tour and exhibitions, but is also has educational research programs and houses the largest natural history collections of the Hawaiian Islands. Hence all this makes this a place an ideal place where you must go to when you are in Honolulu on a holiday.

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Ticket prices can range from $17.95 for adults to around $14.95 for children. The museum is closed on Tuesdays and Christmas Day and bookings can be made online. Before you get here, it is important to note that photography is allowed in this museum and one can record videos or take pictures in all places other than the Hawaiian hall complex

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There are several planetarium shows in the museum along with special art exhibitions which goes on throughout the year and one must follow the online events calendar on their web page such that they can plan their visit at the right time.

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Other than this, do visit this museum for more educational facilities, with several cultural classes and fellowship program for students who want to learn more about the rich cultural heritage and natural history of Hawaii.