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Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii is considered as the largest city on the island Oahu. It is a great experience to engage in some boat tours during a visit to this beautiful city. Outdoor attraction is one of the highlights of Honolulu and boats tour is the other attraction present here. The city is filled with beautiful lands and seas, rainforests and some artificial water bodies. Taking a boat tour is a thrilling experience for any traveler who is on a tour to Honolulu.

You can find the travel packages to Honolulu through various website that are available in the internet. Now, taking a boat ride to travel Honolulu is not difficult job at all. You can contact your travel agent to find more about this, or few local people can also help you find information about boat tours that are available in Honolulu.

The general boat tours include seating arrangements for 40 to 50 people and the tour ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, you can also choose other services that are made available. There is no limitation and hurdles for fun in these boats tour.

Honolulu boats tour

Here are the general charges for boating at Honolulu; these values may vary depending on the boats you choose. The general price for people above 13 would be around 35$ to 40$ and for children it would be $25 to $35. Taxes are applicable for both the prices. All the people who enter the ride must have a minimum height, for safety.

Few boat tours don't allow kids for security reasons. Make sure to travel in a boat that has Coast Guard Certificate. Pregnant women and people who have back problems are strictly prohibited from engaging in these types of journeys.

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