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Bus travel is an excellent way to get around the city in case you don't want to rent a car or take a taxi service in Honolulu. Bus lines in Honolulu are appreciably good when compared to the other places in the world. Honolulu's bus transport system has been honored by American public transportation association and has also been given the title "America's best transit system".

The bus lines are very popular with the locals and the tourists alike in the city. Bus travel is good if you have good idea about the routes in the city. Travel guide Honolulu is also a helpful guide to the roads and is a must you if wish to travel to different places via bus lines. There are over 107 routes linked to Honolulu and there are more than 500 buses that ply on the roads of the region.

All the buses are run by a non profit corporation Oahu transit services. An interesting fact, Honolulu ranked fourth for maximum per-capita use of mass transit in the United States of America.

Honolulu hi travel is fun and you can enjoy the trip with out availing any car rental services. The best bus systems in the United States of America run frequently and buses are available every 5 minutes on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends.

The bus prices are as low as $2 per ride. Once can also get youth fares of $1 or $20 a month. Adults are charged $40 though. Visitors pass costs $20 for 4 consecutive days.

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Other buses linked to the island also run very frequently to provide the best transport experience to the visitors and tourists of Honolulu. These buses link Honolulu to the other regions and run every 15 minutes on weekdays and every half hour during week ends.

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