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A good way to see Honolulu, its beaches, markets, and museums, is by car. A rental car may cost less per day and you can travel with family and friends. You can shop for a discounted rental at one of the many car rental agencies that dot the city. Use a coupon if you have one to get an even better deal. Remember however that with any rental, you need to make sure that the rental comes with good insurance and breakdown policy. Our travel guide tells how a car rental can be a great use of your holiday dollars.
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Car Rental Honolulu

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Great Help for Visitors: Intro to Best Thrifty Car Rental Locations in Honolulu

If this is your first trip to Hawaii and you want to have the most adventurous tripping experience at Honolulu, then you must be in need to take a car on rental. Honolulu features great transportation facilities, which are available around the main city. You can easily get around by shuttle, taxi and or by a rental car. However, in order to have the best city tour, visitors should consider booking a car from Thrifty Car Rental. Website

Thrifty car rental is a popular city car rental dealer from where visitors get the freedom and flexibility to book their travel and can enjoy a convenient trip to Honolulu's rich and relaxing locations. Booking a car from Thrift rental is always easy and fun. Just make few clicks on the browser selecting the car type from the given options. Thrifty Car Rental boasts of a large selection of quality rental vehicles namely including economy, compact, mid-size and standard car models.

Type of cars available at Thrifty Car Rental

For frequent renters, Thrifty has set an attractive scheme to sign up for the Blue Chip Express Rental Program?. This gives one free day for every 16 days when the car is frequently being rented from Thrifty. Additionally, the renters get faster counter service and full range of other perks with the rental.

Blue Chip Express Rental Program By Thrifty

It does not matter what your style and budget is, at Thrifty car rental you are sure to get two minute car rental at the best car rental rates. Make your Honolulu car rental a real adventure by booking with Thrifty.

Lowest Price Car Rentals At Thrifty

Car Rental Honolulu - Tips to Pick Convenient and Affordable Rental Car

In Honolulu it is wise to rent a car irrespective of your purpose that you have come to see the city as a tourist or you have some business plans or commercial requirements. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the alluring beauty of Honolulu or if you prefer to complete your assignments quickly it is better to rent a car while in Honolulu from reliable agencies.

Moreover, in the weekends, you will hardly find any bus service in and around Honolulu and renting a car is the best way to enjoy this beautiful city and its locales. You can rent a car in Honolulu if you are over the age of 21.

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The car rental market in Honolulu is highly competitive; therefore it is good to go for a comparison shopping before you finalize a deal. It is always wise to take more than one quotes to be on the safer side.

You should have good idea about the type of the car suitable for your purpose. Unless you are in a big group small cars are best and most economically convenient for rental.

Lots of events take place in Honolulu; advance booing for renting a car is the most preferred process for hassle-free sightseeing. You should explore the car rental sites of Honolulu for availing early-bird offers. At times the websites offer vacation packages that come with good car rental plans.

Car rental offers in Honolulu

Before booking the car it is recommended to inspect the vehicle carefully.

Tips on renting the right car in Honolulu

It is mandatory to check the insurance coverage before signing a rental deal in Honolulu so that your wallet can be safe in case of any accident.

Legal issues for renting a car in Honolulu