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Cheap and affordable hotels are a significant part of any young traveler's itinerary. Honolulu has its share of inexpensive accommodation for the frugal traveler. The city is dotted with cheap hotels that offer a roof over one's head at very reasonable rates. Such places are best when you plan to spend the entire day on the beach or exploring the city, and need only a bed to rest in every night. Detailed tips and descriptions on cheap hotels in Honolulu can be found in our travel pages.
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Great Recommendation of Cheap Honolulu Hotels: Help Stretch your Travel Budget

Honolulu, Hawaii is a world famous tourist destination especially for those who love beaches. This is Hawaii's capital city and also the most populous one in the said state. Tourists not only get to enjoy the blue waters but also savor different cuisines including Cuban, Chinese, Eurasian and a fusion of the said cuisines. There are also numerous jazz clubs in the area as well as artistic galleries.

Travelers who are on a tight budget might find it difficult to stretch their budget but it is very much possible. One of the solutions here is to get a cheap hotel in the city if you do not have a place to stay while on vacation. You can ask the friendly natives of Hawaii and they will be willing to help you out in finding the hotel that will aid you in saving money. And you can check the following websites for more cheap hotels in Honolulu.

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Cheap hotels in Honolulu

Discount Honolulu Hotels

Another tactic is to book at a hotel that is near the attraction that you would like to visit. For instance, you would like to visit Honolulu because of the Waikiki Aquarium. In this case, you can settle for the hotels that are only a few kilometers away from this spot. This way, you will not have to worry about your transportation or fuel if you have a car. A good example of a discounted hotel near this attraction is the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, which is only 0.6 km away from the aquarium. The rates start at 250 dollars a night and it is also close to the Kapiolani Park.

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Simple Ways to Spot Cheap yet Best Hotels Honolulu

Planning a vacation to Honolulu in the Hawaii Island may be a fantastic idea, but you may back out thinking of the travel expenses, which are supposedly high in the magical city. However, you can save a lot if you can spot cheaper accommodations which provide comfortable stay. This way, you can put in a part of your travel budget on other activities such as beach party, Hawaiian-style dining, shopping for beach accessories and water sports, among others.

About cheap accommodation in Honolulu

One way to get good hotels at a cheaper rate is to visit the city during low season. During fall, the rates are a little low. However, if you desire to visit the city during the peak season, you should look for hotels that are a little away from the beach.

Tips to finding affordable accommodation

Most of the luxurious hotels are located along the Waikiki Beach. Therefore, you can try some of the more affordable hotels on the Kalakau Avenue, Lewers Street and towards the suburbs of Honolulu. Even though you make have to walk up a bit to avail public transport, these places offer good affordable accommodation.

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The Continental Surf Hotel, Queen Capiolani, Island Colony Hotel, Pagoda Hotels are some of the popular mid-range hotels, that provide excellent facilities and are also a good value for money. Other hotels like Aqua Bamboo and Spa Hotel and Hotel Pagoda are also affordable hotels that will make your stay very comfortable as well as allow you to enjoy other recreational facilities worrying too much about the overall travel expense.

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