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Honolulu is an ideal destination for tourists looking for the sun, sand, and the great outdoors. If you are planning to spend all your time exploring Honolulu's gardens and markets on your next vacation, you might want to look into some cheap and inexpensive hotels there. There are several that offer weekly or monthly deals and are beautifully located along the waterfront. In our travel guides for Honolulu, you will find suggestions for finding a great deal on hotels. For more ideas on planning your next trip to Honolulu, read our travel guide.
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Cheap Hotels In Honolulu

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Real Savings for Tourists: 3 Recommended Cheap Hotels in Honolulu

Finding the hotel in Honolulu that is right for you is not that difficult. If you are on a tight budget, there are several hotels that are located conveniently in the city that are priced affordably. This way, it will be easy for you to visit exciting places in Honolulu, Hawaii because you have enough money to spend for them. Some attractions that you should not miss include the Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu Zoo, Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head State Monument.

One of the most recommended hotels in Honolulu for the budget conscious is the Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel. The rates here start at 68 dollars. Though it has a cheap price when compared to other hotels in the city, you still get a comfortable and exquisite room with air conditioning, climate control and complimentary wired internet access.

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Another inexpensive hotel is the Pagoda Hotel with rates beginning from 69.95 dollars. It is located at the center of Honolulu and has the Pagoda Floating Restaurant which attracts locals and tourists. They have a business center, function rooms and also offer car rentals for their guests.

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In The Heart of Honolulu

If you are looking for quality yet affordable rooms, Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki is your best bet. For 59.95 dollars to 179.95 dollars per night, you can choose from their guest rooms, family rooms and suits. They are just11 miles away from the Honolulu Airport and also close to the Waikiki Beach.

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Make Your Trip splendid - The Secret of Finding Cheap Hotels in Honolulu

Honolulu, the capital of the U.S. state of Hawaii has always been a premium holiday destination for tourists from all the parts of the world. In other words it has always been a dream destination for tourists.

What hinder a large number of tourists from exploring this beautiful place are the extremely expensive hotels. Hotel room rates are enough to burn a big hole in the pockets of the tourists. But this hurdle can be overcome by following the below mentioned simple tips:

- Collect as much information about various districts of Honolulu because in each and every city there are some districts where one can find nice and affordable accommodation.

- Check various travel sites as they offer exciting holiday packages to Honolulu with heavy discounts in room fares.

- Nowadays there are various chains of budget hotels. Budget hotels charge comparatively reasonable room rates by not providing some facilities which are commonly available in hotels. By foregoing some of the facilities offered by other hotels (thus cutting some of their costs) they ultimately give the benefit to the customer in the form of low room fares. Check from their websites or through telephone whether their group has a hotel in Honolulu or not.

- If possible plan your trip to Honolulu in off-season in order to avail the off-season discount in hotel room rates.

- Try to plan your trip to Honolulu with a group of friends and family members qualifying for the group discount usually given at almost all hotels throughout the world.

- Personally collect information about special offers from different hotels in Honolulu and if possible plan your trip at that point of time when you can avail these special offers.

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