Diamond Head Crater

Are you planning a trip of travel to the state of Hawaii? If you are, one of the things that you must include in your tour itinerary while on a tour of travel Honolulu Hawaii is to say aloha to the Diamond Head Crater… one of the best examples of the natural beauty of the region.

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The very name reminds you of an age of diamond mining and the era of exploration carried out by sailors from far flung countries. The Diamond Head Crater is in actuality the tip of a volcano that is located in the state of Hawaii. Located on the island of Ohau, the Diamond Head Crater was named by ancient sailors who mistakenly thought that the volcano was actually the tip of a diamond mine. This was due to the presence of various calcite minerals in the region, which presented to these British sailors with the look of a diamond.

Today, a famous tourist place in the state of Hawaii and one that is sure to take your breath away, the very view of the Diamond Head Crater is one that will enrapture you. Add to that the museum that ahs been created within the volcano and you will know exactly what the reasons are for which the Diamond Head Crater is recommended by every Honolulu travel agency.

Besides its obvious importance in promoting tourism in the region, the Diamond Head Crater also has another very important role to play in the security of the region. This is done through the various antennas and radars that are set up by the government agencies of the United States of America within the interiors of the crater. The parts of the crater in which these have been set up are out of range of the tourists who arrive at the location.

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