Doubletree Honolulu

If you are looking to spend you next holiday at Honolulu, then Doubletree offers you with the best hotels in Honolulu. The Doubletree Honolulu hotels are located near the beach and far away from crowded atmosphere. This allows you spend some time in extreme calmness and quietness, and that is what a holiday is meant for.

Apart from beach activities, you can also relish the Spa services offered by them. Hospitality of Doubletree hotels marks each of their hotels as the best hotel in Honolulu. As a tourist you will love the amazing blend of luxury, value and intimacy at Doubletree hotels.

Benefits of Doubletree Honolulu

- Exotic Spa facility

- Mouthwatering cuisine which depicts the genuine flavor of Honolulu

- Wonderful fitness center with gymnasium

- Heated water pool for extreme relaxation

- Italian marble flooring in the rooms

- Spacious rooms

Doubletree hotels allow you to make the best of your vacation. They offer you with a variety of rooms depending on your budget and Doubletree also offers attractive family holiday packages, which is like icing on the cake.

The hotels provide you with some of the electronic gadgets like MP3 adaptors, hair dyers, high speed internet access and coffeemakers for free. At Doubletree hotels you can spend you time in genuine serenity and peace. You can feel the warm sunlight in the early morning at the lovely beach.

Food served by them is amazingly delicious. You can find the rooms to spacious with king sized beds. You can enjoy the magnificent and glorious panoramic view of rising and sinking sun. These hotels serve their guests with delicious chocolate chips as a complimentary part.

Doubletree hotels will transform your conventional vacation to nothing less than a dream holiday. So make it your next destination terminal.

Doubletree Honolulu & Official Site Links

1. Doubletree Alana Hotel Waikiki
1956 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96815-1897
Phone: (808) 941-7275
Offcial Website:

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