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Four very diverse districts make up the historical center of Downtown Honolulu. Two of these are the capitol district - the focus of all things government, and the business center. The other two districts are the bustling Chinatown and the Honolulu waterfront which is located along the Aloha Tower. The latter are more popular with visitors, though there is much history and architecture to enjoy in the former areas too. Our articles on Honolulu provide detailed information on how to get around the downtown and enjoy the sights and sounds there.
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Fun Tourist Attractions in Downtown Honolulu: Getting Close to the Local Life

Honolulu is a complete paradise for tourists, replete with shopping stores, supermarkets, museums, aquariums and what not. If you are visiting Honolulu, then you must visit the Waikiki aquarium, where you can see zebra sharks, octopuses, sea jellies and squids. The aquarium was opened in 1904 and is the third largest in the United States.

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The Lolani Palace is the monarchy's residence and is known for its opulence. If you want a piece of Hawaii's royal life, then this is a must-see. A guided tour is for $20 and an audio tour for $12. The palace was established by king Kamehameha of the third dynasty.

Lolani Palace


Locals in Honolulu enjoy eating at Italian restaurants, which offer delightful pizzas, pastas and prosciuttos. You can try out the Asaggio ala moana, the Auntie Pastos restaurant, the cafe Che pasta among others. Starbucks will give you great coffee beans, while the restaurant Hawaii panda express will serve you sumptuous Chinese fare.

For shopping, you can visit rent-a-centre on the Dillingham boulevard or go to the hale Koa px exchange. If you are interested in arts, crafts and antiques, you can visit Robyn Buntins Oceania gallery on Beretania Street.

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Honolulu's nightlife can make you go wild. The aloha towers have a horde of great bars. In Honolulu, the saying goes-'eat, drink and be merry.' If you are at the Waikiki beach, then you must visit the duke's canoe club, known for its friendliness and scintillating atmosphere. When in Honolulu, do visit the Polynesian culture centre too. The diamond state monument and the Waikiki beachfront are impossible to miss too. Honolulu has everything you have ever desired, so have a fun-filled vacation in Honolulu.

Staying Busy in Downtown Honolulu - A Comprehensive Guide to the Must See Tourists Vacations

Located on Oahu, Honolulu is Hawaii's biggest attraction. Often referred to as the 'Crossroads to the Pacific', Honolulu is a favourite holiday spot for families, friends, lovers or honeymooners. The vacationers can spend a day surfing, swimming in the sea or just lazing around on the beach making sand castles and having lots of fun in the process.

The beautiful blue sea, the warm beach and friendly people are all ingredients to the great holiday experience that is sure to make you want to return to Honolulu on many of your future vacations.

Waikiki beach in Honolulu is one of the most famous beaches and you can have a fun filled day with your children surfing and playing beach volley here while at night you can take a romantic walk on the beach with your loved one.

The city other than its natural attractions is also rich in culture. You can use the map given in the site to locate places you want to visit and know more about them.

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The Waikiki Shell is an outdoor venue for concerts and gatherings located in the Waikiki area of Honolulu. With a seating arrangement 2400 people, it is one of the biggest concert halls in the city. On an evening out, you can catch the performance of your favourite musician in the Waikiki Shell.

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A visit to the contemporary art museum with its huge collection of modern art can be a very stimulating experience. Last but not the least, visit the popular restaurants for a taste of Hawaiian food. For more information you can visit the site.

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