Experience Nothing but the Best: Tips for Finding the Best Luxury Hotels in Honolulu

Being a popular destination, Hawaii has numerous world-class hotels where you can completely spoil yourself! It is a no brainer that you should begin with researching online. There are abundant sites that can be a fantastic place to start.

Search by hotel rating. Numerous sites such as Yahoo! Travel or Hotels.com give you the option to do this. Click on the 5 star range and browse through the list to see what attracts you. Also various sites give their top 5 or top 10 hotels. Such a list from trusted websites can really be a vital source of information.

Hawaii Hotels in 2008 TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Awards

Hawaii Hotels in 2008 TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Awards

Hotel Search by Rating at Yahoo! Travel


Search by location. Most of the luxurious hotels are clustered around very popular locations; hence you are more likely to find top class hotels in popular areas. For example, there are numerous luxurious hotels in and around the region of Waikiki.

Look for the amenities the hotel provides. Luxurious hotels often provide some excellent facilities. Facilities like highly rated on site restaurants, fitness centers, Spa/Massage facilities, provision for activities like scuba diving/snorkeling, excellent views are signs of a truly luxurious hotel.

Spend some time in reading the visitors reviews. Reading what others who have already been there can be a great source of information. Most hotel websites tend to have a section for visitor reviews. But remember to read reviews from a third party site, rather than the hotels official website, as they are likely to show only the reviews that praise them.

Top Operators of Resorts and Hotels in Hawaii


Hawaii Guide at Tripadvisor.com


Hawaii Accommodations on Gohawaii.com


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