Five Star Luxury Hotels in Honolulu: Getting Good Value for Your Money

For the elite class visitors to Honolulu looking for luxury lodging options, Honolulu offers 4 5 star luxury hotels. Each of these hotels have distinct amenities, ambience and service levels true to their reputation and class.

The Kahala Hotel and Resort is the only t5 star hotel in Honolulu that is away from the Waikiki beach. Crescent beach in the exclusive Kahala area is home for this hotel and offers local advantages that are nearly exclusive to this property. Visitors seeking calm and tranquil settings prefer the Kahala over the other options.

Trump International, The Royal Hawaiian, and Halekulani are right on the Waikiki beach but not in a cluster. Each of the hotels are at different points over the Waikiki beach and visitors have the ability to determine the settings and ambience that suit their needs best. Rooms offering a view of the beach is among the most sought after amenity in these luxury hotels situated on the Waikiki beach.

Advance reservations are however desirable particularly during the peak seasons and to obtain the best rooms with alluring views of the beach. Being an upscale option, pricing considerations should not keep you away from making your reservations in good time. Summer is the peak season for Jacksonville and the Waikiki visitors in particular. With limited availability of luxury accommodation, the available rooms are quickly taken up during this time frame. In terms of pricing, your options vary between $350 and $700 depending on the hotel you choose, location and amenities offered.

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