For Your Convenience - Detailed Guide to Honolulu Airport Services, Stores, and Car Hire

Honolulu is the most densely populated city in 'United States of Hawaii' and the capital city of Hawaii. The Honolulu International airport is situated in 300 Rodgers Blvd and is the main airport in Hawaii.

The 'Honolulu International Airport' acts as center for various domestic airlines and for airlines between Hawaii Islands. The three terminals of this airport are Commuter, Overseas and Inter-Island. The Wiki Bus is the free shuttle bus that connects them. The major activities are centered at the main terminal called the 'John Rodgers Terminal' and have got three concourses namely 'Diamond', 'Ewa' and 'Central'.

The airport also contains various facilities like banks, currency exchange services, ATM's, etc. The main terminal also contains coin controlled lockers and baggage areas. It also acts as the business center which contains Xerox stores, internet cafes, telephone services, fax, etc Ice cream stores, bars, hotels, pizza corners and restaurants can be found inside the airport.

About Honolulu airport

Airport services

The airport contains several newsagents, travel guides and various shops for passenger convenience. You can also find duty free stores and souvenir shops here. A number of rental car companies are working in connection with the airport. But it is better to book rental cars in advance. By doing, so you can save your money as well as time.

The airport hotels provide better accommodation especially for night stay. The best hotels located close to the airport are 'Western Plaza Hotel', 'Pacific Marina Inn' and 'Honolulu Airport Hotel'.

Airport guide

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