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If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, a visit to the famous Hawaii Convention Centre is a definite must include in your tour itinerary to this beautiful part of the world. So what makes the Hawaii Convention Centre so special? Well, for starters, the Hawaii Convention Centre is one of the leading landmarks of the region, providing the people of the land with one of the best civic exhibition as well as convention centres in the region.

The Hawaii Convention Centre is situated on the 1801 Kalakaua Avenue in the city of Honolulu, which can definitely be said to be one of the leading cities in the region of Hawai'i on the O'ahu in Waikiki, which is one of the better known Hawaiian Islands.

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The Hawaii Convention Centre is generally recommended to visitors in almost every form of Honolulu travel information brochures and guidelines. One of the leading attractions of the centre is its amazing design of architecture that makes it a leading exponent of the architectural style of Hawaii. Many aspects of the ancient culture and the arts are also depicted in this form of architecture which makes this one of the leading attractions of the city as well as a symbol of the country's rich natural and social heritage.

The Hawaii Convention Centre rose to popularity when it was voted by the International Association of Exhibition Management to be the most beautiful convention centre in the entirety of the world. Some of the aspects which have made this landmark of Honolulu as special as it is today include the expensive rooftop garden which it is home to. Add to that its amazing collection of art works and you will know exactly what makes tourist as well as locals flock to this amazing place.

The Hawaii Convention Centre, which is owned by the government based Hawai'i Tourism Authority is also one of the leading attractions of the region owing to the fact that it has also been one of the oft filmed locales in the city of Honolulu, which is stated by most firms which specialize in Honolulu travel tips.

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Hawaii Convention Center Address
1801 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

Tel: (808) 943-3500
Fax: (808) 943-3099
Email: info@hccsmg.com

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Website: http://www.hawaiiconvention.com/

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