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Presenting some of the finest Hawaii art, the Hawaii State Art Museum is an honor to artistic excellence. Operated by the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the museum consists of three galleries, out which there is a permanent one displaying the art of Hawaii. The 130 odd works of art by over 100 artists, is a reflection of Hawaii's ethnic and culture. If you are planning a visit to Hawaii, this museum should definitely be visited After all the entry is free! To know about its opening hours and more, refer to our travel pages.
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Hawaii State Art Museum - A Perfect Destination to Explore the Mix of Hawaii's Ethnic and Cultural Traditions

The Hawaii State Art Museum is located at the capitol building, South Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. It offers free admission to all. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 4pm. It is also open for Hawaii's gallery walk, the first Friday.

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The museum has three galleries, which are the Diamond Head, ewa, and the sculpture galleries. There is a 70-seat museum resource room too. The first floor also has a gift shop called showcase Hawaii which is open from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. The restaurant at the museum is called downtown and offers sumptuous fare. The diamond art gallery has an ongoing 'I Love Art Gallery' exhibition. The ewa gallery offers a collection of articles and artifacts on Hawaii.

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The museum does not allow you to carry backpacks, umbrellas, pets, cell phones. Flash photography is prohibited. Guided tours are available upon request. Many buses take you directly to the museum. You can even use the Waikiki trolley to reach here.

The museum is called 'the people's museum.' It helps you understand Hawaii's diversity and its rich, vibrant culture. The museum has an exhibition called 'enriched by diversity: the art of Hawaii' which features 360 works by 280 artists. The museum has many paintings, prints, photos, sculptures and mixed media works. It is an asset to Hawaii's art community and you should definitely visit it to soak in Hawaii's cultural legacy.

Visiting Hawaii State Art Museum - A Glimpse into the Extensive Artistic And Cultural Legacy

Hawaii State Art Museum is one of the well known museums in the world. This museum is known for its excellent art and cultural work.

This art gallery is a building capable of accommodating huge number of people at a time. Among different forms of arts & culture, photography, sculpture, illustrations, paintings and handicrafts etc. are the main subject of art exhibitions. Performing arts or applied arts are also displayed here.

Hawaii State art museum provides fresh artists with a platform where they can exhibit their talents. Their creations are displayed to the art lovers. Art exhibitions not only bring them recognition, but help them earn some money as well.

Art lovers and collectors keep visiting contemporary art galleries to buy excellent paintings, sculptures or handcrafts. Buying the same items from an antique house may become more expensive for the buyers. Since, art galleries often promote fresh artists; you get the chance to see some new styles of arts in those galleries.

Art galleries are generally set up at a prominent location in the cities so that people from different parts of the city, state, country or world can reach the gallery easily. Art schools and colleges often establish their own art gallery to help students display their work.

Hawaii State Art Museum


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