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The Honolulu Academy of Arts is Hawaii's only fine-arts museum. Opened in 1927 to provide studio art workshops and classes, it has now grown to boast of more than 40,000 works of art. Accredited by the American Association of Museums, the museum is revered especially for its impressive Asian art collections. In recent times, it has expanded to include an exhibition space, outdoor cafe and a gift shop. If you are an art buff visiting Hawaii, you really can't miss such a place. For more information to put it on your must-do list, browse through our articles.
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Honolulu Academy Of Arts: Wonderful Place To Enjoying The Finest Collections Of Asian Art

The art collection from Asia at the famed Honolulu Academy of Arts has over 16,000 objects. This collection features great works of art from various craftspeople and artists from a number of Asian countries such as India, Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. However, prominence is given to art pieces from Japan and China which have the greatest holdings in the Academy. These include Asian prints, lacquer ware, ceramics, sculpture and paintings.

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The Honolulu Academy of Arts is the only encyclopedic museum of fine Asian arts. It will take you down a walk through some 4,000 years of superb and unique art. These Asian art pieces are located in a historic building built in 1927 which is the home to the finest collection of Asian art in the whole country.

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The Academy also has a numerous artifacts from Hawaii and a number of other ancient civilizations from the East. The Honolulu Academy of Arts is open from 10 am - 4.30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 1 - 5 pm on Sundays. The Asian arts collection is simply amazing and the displays cannot be more breathtaking.

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Finally, the building housing the Honolulu Academy of Arts is also very magnificent and it is noted for its eccentric architectural beauty and distinction. Admission is free and you will get to view the finest collection of Asian art found outside Asia. You can even eat at the Pavilion Cafe in the Academy.

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Educational Vacation with Kids in Hawaii - Honolulu Academy of Arts

While you are on vacation in Hawaii it is very important to have some educational aspects especially for your kids so that they can learn a thing or two. However this does not have to be the main theme of the vacation as they need to have some fun while they are on vacation. To incorporate fun and learning you can find some fun activities that your children can do while they learn something.

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One of the best holiday destinations is Hawaii. Here you will find a million and one things to do to make your vacation fun. Here you will also find many schools that your children can go to while you are on vacation. One of the best schools that you can enroll your children is the Honolulu Academy of Arts. The Honolulu Academy of Arts is an art museum that is found in Hawaii.

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The museum has over 40,000 works of arts which your children can use to learn a lot. This is because it has programs that your children can enroll in such as studio art classes and workshops. This is one of the activities that can keep your children busy while on vacation. This is because they can learn almost all the aspects that deal with art. You never know as this could be one of the talents that your child has.

Honolulu Academy of Arts