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There is so much to do in this city of Hawaii. The sheer options available makes one spoilt for choice - from shopping, to sun bathing on the beach, to visiting the water park, to even paragliding for the brave hearted, there is no dearth of activities to choose from. Activities like visiting the aquarium or the zoo can be a good option for a family excursion, and things like adventure sports can be a good option if you are alone. There is plenty on offer. To read in-depth articles about these activities, and decide the ones you want to do, refer to our travel articles.
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Fun Honolulu Vacation Activities - Are These on Your Schedule?

Honolulu, lying in the urban area urban area on the southeastern shore of the island of Oahu, is a major tourist attraction of Hawaii. And, contrary to popular belief, it isn't just about tropical beaches and breathtaking site. Honolulu has in store a wide array of fun activities that keep you entertained throughout your time in the city.

There are a multitude of water-based activities that can be enjoyed in Honolulu. The tropical waters make scuba diving an unforgettably enjoyable experience for both beginners and veterans. It's also a snorkeling paradise with the numerous shallow reefs that offer a great view. One can swim with dolphins, watch whales, turtle snorkel, go fishing and diving! Parasailing is also a fun activity especially for those who prefer being over water.

Apart from being a fun adventure, it offers breathtaking views of Honolulu. And for those who want a similar but a more adventurous experience, Hawaii offers a paragliding lessons to its tourists.

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There are a various number of other activities that one can enjoy at Honolulu. Hawaii is famous for the number of volcanoes it has. One should make sure they go for visit. Not to miss out on the jeep tours of the jungles which are an amazing experience too. Spend a day in the gardens of Honolulu too soothe your senses bring peace to your body and soul. And one can end their day with the celebrated music of the Hawaiians, famous all over the world.

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Going to a Penguins Game at Mellon Arena? Some interesting facts to know beforehand.

Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was primarily known as the home to the city's National Hockey League Franchise, Pittsburgh Penguins. The arena has been closed down now, and is expected to be demolished for replacement.

The Mellon Arena, originally known as the Civic Arena, was the world's first major indoor stadium with a retractable roof. Originally it consisted only of lower bowl seating but, with a view to increase capacity, upper decks were later installed in its 'end zones'. The arena also offers seating for patrons with disabilities

The arena's first event was hosted by Ice Capades on 19th September 1961. The arena has a hosted a multitude of activities including sports and musical concerts ever since. The major sporting events include ice hockey, roller hockey, boxing, basketball etc. It hosted NCAA Tournaments in 2001 and Eastern Eight Championships for five seasons.

It has also hosted concerts for legends such as The Beatles and Paul McCartney and new age pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

The Penguins, winners of three Stanley Cup championships in their history, have played in the Mellon Arena since their very first season in 1967. With the closing of the arena, they will now move to Consol Energy Center, their new arena for the 2010-11 NHL season.

Tickets to the arena can be booked via Ticketmaster on-line and Ticketmaster charge-by-phone. One can personally purchase tickets from Mellon Arena Gate #1. Group bookings are also available.

In its glorious 50 years the Mellon Arena hosted more than 7,000 events. And, is now its final season.

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Simple and easy ideas for decorating homes- To increase home value

Decorating homes is fun but, it can be a big and an expensive project. A good idea is to plan well beforehand so as to avoid wastage of money, time and effort.

One must always keep in mind their budget constraints. One's budget may limit how and what you can do to enhance your home. However, the quality of the materials used should never be compromised.

A good idea would be to target one room at a time. This will make the task easier and more manageable. You can prioritize the rooms and do the more important one first, assigning more finance to them. Usually people prefer redecorating those areas which are used the most, first.

You can check out interior decoration magazines to choose themes and styles that can make the room look brighter and/or whichever look you wish to give it. Furthermore, another way of of giving a new look to your house is painting it. You can choose the color schemes according to the theme, the climatic conditions around your place and the amount of lighting in the room. Accordingly you can choose the color and textures of the curtains that you wish to hang in the room. For example, if the shade of walls is soft then you can go for heavier curtains and vice versa.

Another option that you can opt for is hanging wallpapers. This decision, however, depends on your budgetary restrictions, if any.

Another way of adding a touch of new to your home is rearranging. You can change the way your furniture is kept to give the room a new look. However, you need to keep in mind the theme of the room. Also, care must be taken of how the furniture is grouped. In case the furniture is clustered together in the process of rearrangement it may end up giving the room a feel of suffocation

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