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Oahu island is one of the most populous island of the Hawaii Islands, with almost two-third of the residents residing in the capital city of Honolulu. Honolulu is a very well connected city with around 164 flights flying from Honolulu, Hi to Los Angeles, CA every week and 204, 505 seats are available every day. Start looking early, to find the most reasonable deals after comparing rates and benefits. Read our travel articles for detailed information on airfares, tours, attractions and much more.
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Comprehensive Info about Airfares to Honolulu: Planning Your Trip Beforehand

If spending your vacation amidst the blue waters of the ocean and sunbathing on the golden sands of Honolulu beaches is on the cards then planning in advance always helps. Whether you are in the US or somewhere in Australia or UK there mind blowing deals and discounts on airfares to Honolulu.

Online research can give you a detailed list of flights and their fares to Honolulu from various cities of Australia, based on the lowest rates available. For instance, flights from Brisbane to Honolulu would cost around $854, from Gold Coast $1189, from Melbourne $1008, and $692 from Sydney.

If it's a last moment vacation you can check out amazing discounted airfares at lastminute.com, both for one way and round trip options to and from Honolulu. Qantas Airlines from Adelaide, Cairns and Townsville to Honolulu and back charges an amount of $2462, for business class travel in Hawaiian Airlines from Sydney to Honolulu and return will cost one about $3995.

If you are based somewhere in US and traveling to Honolulu, Farecompare.com gives you the opportunity to surf through the various airlines and fares from different cities of note of US. For instance, the airfare from Seattle to Honolulu will be around $357, from Los Angeles $419, and from San Francisco to Honolulu $399- all on round trips basis.

Cheapoair also provides a number of flight details and airfares to Honolulu giving a discount of up to 65% on regular airfares. If you are embarking on the journey from Seattle, airfares can vary from $311 to $313 for a round trip.

Finding Discount Honolulu Airfares - Smart Tricks To Getting The Cheapest

One cannot avoid travelling but one can surely avoid wasting too much while travelling. If you are looking forward to fly towards Honolulu, you may look for Discount Honolulu Airfares available.

It must be noted that major airlines provide tickets on discount only for non-peak periods for air travels. To entice m ore travelers to use their services during the fall which is non-peak period, various airlines launches fare air ticket sales earlier and then they stretch the fare air ticket sales for longer periods.

Check for various websites of airlines for noticing the airfares and discounts offered and choose the cheapest one.

Buying Cheap Air Tickets, the Earlier, the Better


You may also decrease the airfares by choosing airlines that will provide direct air flight towards Honolulu with least number of stoppages. That reduces the time consumption and proves to be cost effective too.

You may check for some cheap air fare website that will provide you all information regarding cheapest possible air fares to Honolulu from your base airport. Such websites provide you the current cheapest airfares available.

Discount Airfares to Honolulu


Learn some easy tricks about getting cheaper airline tickets in general from various online articles and know more about making better travelling deals.

How to Get Cheap Air Line Tickets


You may also check whether splitting up your air tickets in two or more will prove to be cheaper or not. That is, if you are willing to travel from Airport A to Honolulu and you decide to take air ticket from A to airport B and from B to Honolulu, it may prove to be cheaper in some cases.

If you have to travel on fixed dates with a fixed schedule, then it would be better to get the tickets as soon as possible. Yet, if you're travelling schedule is flexible you can wait more to get the best and cheapest deal available for travelling to Honolulu.

Air Fares to Honolulu