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The city of Honolulu, Oahu is famous for its exotic beaches and great surf. The city has some of the world's most gorgeous beaches like the Waikiki beach, the Makapuu beach park, Kuhio beach, Halona Beach Cove, Sandy beach etc. The Waikiki beach is the most famous of these and has many hotels, motels, inns and restaurants located in close proximity. Also, most of these beaches offer amenities like shower stands, wheel chairs for individual with disabilities, restrooms etc. Browse through our travel articles for more details on Honolulu beaches.
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Recommendation of Most Popular Beaches in Honolulu: Enjoy a Jolly Family Holiday

For the last two centuries, the capital city of Hawaii - Honolulu has been the center of culture and commerce. The place is known all over the world for its lush greenery, amazing white sand beaches, and colorful flora. The city is translating at a rapid speed into a cosmopolitan region as people from all the corners of the world are visiting Honolulu to spend some time in the lap of natural beauty.

The downtown area of Honolulu is the southwestern coastal area and is known as the Waikiki beach area. Waikiki beach is known for its sky blue water, white clean sand and sun drenched coastline. The beach stretches over two miles and is fronted by several tourist facilities and hotels. Various outdoor beach activities like surfing, swimming, catamaran, boogie boarding, and outrigger canoe rides can be enjoyed.

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Ala Moana Beach Park is also a must visit. The beach stretches from the ward center to the Ala Moana Shopping center. There is vast park spread over 76 acres perfect for relaxation. The beach is known for its excellent body boarding, swimming and surfing activities. Amazing shady picnic facilities are also available.

You can also visit Bellows Beach Park. This is one of the most popular ocean areas in Honolulu that is known for its sandy beaches complimented with shallow water, which makes it perfect for novice surfers and swimmers.

Planning a Romantic Holiday in Honolulu Beaches? Find Top 3 Irresistible Options

Honolulu is located on Oahu Island which is the third largest of the Hawaiian Island chain. The place is no doubt best for a romantic holiday with white beaches, blue seas and cozy sunny weather. All this have made Honolulu as the top destination for romantic holidays in the country.

Visit the Waikiki beach which is a famous stretch of 1 ? mile long crescent of soft sand. It is a perfect point for a romantic holiday in Honolulu where the world's longest running beach party takes place. During high waves, the sun tanned surfers paddle out into the Mamala Bay of Waikiki beach.

The Ala Moana beach has small crowds and is calmer for swimming. Enjoy your romantic holiday at palm-tree lined Honolulu beaches while soaking in the Hawaiian sunshine. Here you will have everything from boating, swimming, diving or sunbathing at the beach.

Diamond Head beach, near the Diamond Head is an excellent spot for surfing, windsurfing and bathing. The beach is hardly crowded so you will be able to find your own secluded and private area.

Another option is to visit the other attractions of Oahu. The Hanauma Bay on the H1 Highway is excellent for better sun bathing and great surfing. You and your partner can also enjoy exciting snorkeling.

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Third irresistible option is taking a cruise in the placid waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Drink the exotic cocktails, holding hands with your loved one and watch as the sun sets and the sky turns various shades of orange to red. Stay to watch the stars as they come one by one while listening to the traditional Hawaiian music.

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