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Honolulu, Hawaii is the capital city of Oahu island and has two thirds of the population of Hawaii. The city has many enchanting attractions such as the world famous Waikiki Beach, the Aloha Tower, the Hanuama Bay Nature Preserve etc. Honolulu has many great B&B;'s which offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to the tourists and also are a great way to get to know the locals and get a feel of the culture of the city. For detailed listings of B&B;'s, packages, reviews check our comprehensive travel guide.
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Honolulu Bed and Breakfast Directory: Find the Best One Based on Your Budget

To experience a perfect getaway with your family or beloved away from the maddening crowds of the city Honolulu, Hawaii is where you will find bed and breakfast accommodations. These are the places that give you the ideal kind of holiday feeling, cozy and comfortable as they are, at affordable rates.

A truly memorable and indelible experience awaits you at the Manoa Valley Inn at downtown Honolulu, an icon of aristocracy and elegance to the core. Pristinely divine ambience, unsurpassable Victorian decor, grandiose rooms and fresh mouthwatering complimentary breakfast to rejuvenate your day - what more does one crave for on an idyllic vacation? Whether you opt to put up at the Alexander Cottage, the Guild Suite or any of the luxurious rooms of the Inn, the rates are extremely reasonable ranging between $89 and $190.

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Located at Noela Drive, the Diamond Head Bed and Breakfast is another mesmerizingly serene accommodation option that you can check out during your stay in Honolulu. Treat yourself to some lip smacking combination of fresh fruits, epicurean sausages and eggs, delightful ranges of traditional Hawaiian dishes including fried rice and mahimahi.

Diamond Head Bed and Breakfast Rooms


If you are vacationing with your family, put up at the grand Grampa's Apartment or the Princess Ruth Suite with a panoramic view of the lush Diamond Head for only $130 to $145.

Stay for a minimum period of three nights at the Aloha Bed and Breakfast, take a splash at the beautiful pool, and behold the beauty of the Mariner's Ridge as you gorge on some muffins, muesli and tea all at prices ranging from $85 to $100.

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Other Bed and Breakfast options in Honolulu are Eugenia's Ala Moana Hotel starting from $100, Eugenia's Palms at $95, Pacific Island Aloha Surf at $70 and many more.

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Finding Guest Friendly Bed and Breakfast in Honolulu - Don't Go Without Reading This!

Honolulu is the capital city of Oahu, Hawaii and is one of the most popular destinations all over the world. Many Bread and Breakfast's are located in close vicinity to the world famous Waikiki Beach here. B&B's are a great way to get home like comforts, interact with the locals and soak in the life ethos of a place without the exorbitant rates of big hotels. Also, B&B's offer the warmth that is missing from big chain hotels.

Picking the right B&B, from among the numerous options available can be quite a daunting task. Here are a few tips to pick the most guest friendly B&B to ensure that your stay is comfortable and memorable both.

Firstly, filter out the B&B's on the basis of your needs such as amenities, location, pet friendliness, eco friendliness etc. and price range suitable by logging onto the numerous search engines that have detailed listing of B&B's.

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Once you have short listed a few hotels that meet your requirements it's now time to zero in on the perfect choice. This where nothing can beat firsthand experience and reviews by other travelers just like you could prove priceless.

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It however, is advisable to take these reviews with a bit of skepticism and not believe every word you read. Some absolutely glowing reviews might be completely fake whereas a review which completely rubbishes a hotel might have been written by an extremely fussy traveler unlike you.

Despite these limitations, most reviews are honest, unbiased and based on real life experiences. One can also post queries on these sites and ask for suggestions from fellow travelers on various travel sites. One must make sure to state the query in a comprehensive manner specifying your preferences if any.

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