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Honolulu Community College is a part of the University of Hawaii, which is a public institution of the USA. The university has direct transfer agreements with University of Hawaii at Manoa, the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and the Unversity of Hawaii-West Oahu and many more. The institution also serves as a gateway for the students to over 2,000 universities and colleges across the USA. Students are imparted quality education small groups by highly qualified faculty. Visit our pages for more information on Honolulu Community College.
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Honolulu Community College: Experience an Active Student Life & Overall Development

If you are interested in pursuing your education in Honolulu, one of the most recommended places to head to is the Honolulu Community College. Set up in the year 1920, the college was initially known as the Territorial Trade School and then the Honolulu Technical School. The year 1966 saw the institution being granted the grade of being a recognized college, which is when the present moniker was adopted.

The Honolulu Community College is a public education institution that is dedicated to liberal arts studies and technical science related studies. The college has been built in the vicinity of the Honolulu Harbor, which lies in the fringes of the downtown regions of the city.

The college is an accredited fraction of the University of Hawaii framework. Students who wish to apply to the Honolulu Community College can choose from a variety of certificate programs in a plethora of fields as well as choosing to apply for Associate in Science, Associate in Technical Studies, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science.

The college is most widely known for the exemplary academic program it offers for aircraft maintenance and also automotive studies. The Honolulu Community College also offers programs in technical engineering studies, production trade studies, commercial art studies and those related to photography.

The Honolulu Community College has a co-educational system. The Honolulu Community College has a student body of more than 4,000 students, hailing from regions and cultures from across the world.

Honolulu Community College: Secrets to Getting the Best Scholarship and Finance Aid

Honolulu is a vastly popular beach holiday destination in Hawaii. Although it is not uniquely famous for educational aspirations, students do come here to study as well as reside in amiable atmosphere. Honolulu Community College takes an inspired view of their scholastic needs.

Apart from the Botanical Gardens in O'ahu, this college is another place of research. Hawaiian Residents and even outside students try their hand in this co-educational commuter college. It is anchored at the University of Hawaii at Ma'noa.

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Hawaiian Residents can go for Charles R Hemenway Scholarship; especially created for them by the eponymous personality. Those from outside can go for recruitment scholarship like Honolulu CC(Non Traditional) Recruitment Scholarship. Through many more such scholarships, students find it feasible and reasonable to read here. The college is one of the ten branches and runs several industrial programs.

Automotive and aircraft enterprises are the college's forte. Thus those students clearly interested in avionics make occasional Honolulu tours and check out whether studying in the college is a great decision. Getting here is not easy as one has to go through a rigorous selection process. Faculty is effective and student-teacher ratio is engaging.

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If you come here to garner financial aids, you may have to make early inroads. Aids are limited option offer. However, due considerations are done for typically meritorious pupils.

You will love the overall climate, serene beaches and a list of attractions. The gardens and green areas near the college also allow you enough respite from the hectic schedule.