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Honolulu is buzzing with various events, and hence there are plenty to choose from. From arts and culture, to live music, to bars and club events...there is something for all. There are theatre and music shows running throughout the year. There is also live music available every night in some restaurants or other places. The nightlife event in clubs and parties are thriving as ever. There is no dearth of options, but just some prioritization is required as there is so much to do. Refer to our original travel articles for more info and ideas.
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Intro to Exciting Honolulu Events: Choosing the Best Time to Visit

There is always some sort of event of festival going on round the year in Honolulu. Yes, something interesting is always happening on Honolulu streets, parks and on Waikiki beaches. New Years Eve and Chinese New Year are some of the special occasions in Honolulu when you can find lot of street parties, festivals and parades going on.

The list of events to be conducted in Honolulu in 2010 and 2011 are as follows:

- Waikiki rough water swim - Labour day, this is a popular swim to be conducted in the month of September from Sans Souci beach to Duke Kahanamoku beach in Waikiki. Only competent swimmers are allowed to participate in here as it is conducted in the open ocean.

- Na Wahine O Ke Kai- this is another exciting international outrigger canoe race due to be conducted in the last weekend of September from Molokai to Waikiki.

- Intertribal Powwow - due to be conducted in early October. This event is held in Thomas Square in downtown Honolulu. This event marks Native American culture featuring arts and crafts entertainment and displays by the American Indian Powwow Association.

- World Invitational Hula Festival is conducted early mid November. This is typically a dance competition for dancers from various countries and is held in Waikiki shell.

- The Honolulu marathon race including more than 30,000 competitors is conducted early December.

- The streets of Honolulu are swarming with both locals and visitors from across the globe on the occasion of New Years Eve. A veritable feast of parades and partying around the streets of Honolulu can be seen during this time.

Now that you are aware of various events to be conducted in Honolulu, plan your tour accordingly.

Honolulu Vacation This Summer? Don't Miss These Local Events

Honolulu is a city in Hawaii of US. This is the most populated city in Hawaii. If you are going for a vacation to Honolulu this summer then there is a huge list of events to watch out.

The event of the city is classified as bar/club events, comedy, class, community, concert, dining and shopping events. you can search your desired type of event with the event calendar.

The special summer events of the city are star buck's Hawaii Wildest show series, Obon dances and festivals, Fourth of July Sunset sail and the Annual exhibit of the National arts program in Honolulu. These are the must attend events of the Honolulu city in the summer tour.

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Cultural Event of Honolulu


The Pan Pacific Festival of Honolulu is the festival of music, crafts, and traditions. The participants from Japan are allowed to perform in this festival. The festival is the annual international cultural festival of Honolulu.

The Annual exhibit of National art program in Honolulu is the program established in the year1983 by the National art program foundation to find the artistic talent of the nation. This is a program where you can find different and unique art performances. Hawaii all Collectors show is the annual show where you can find the antique collections for sale and exhibit.

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