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If you are planning to fly to the island of Honolulu, you will be happy to know that there are numerous flight options to this beautiful island. There are both domestic and international connections to meet your needs. Whether it be a domestic airline such as American Airlines, or an international one such as Thai Airways, there are numerous flights flying daily in and out of Shanghai. To help you avail the best deals, and information regarding the various connections, have a look at our informative travel articles.
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When to Fly? Insider Info Helping You Choose the Right Honolulu Flights

Being a top holiday destination, the air tickets price to Honolulu usually gets striking changes each month. There are a lot of connections to the well known Hawaii in the United States. The most important and nearest airport is the Los Angeles, from there you will get cheap flight to Honolulu.

Cheap air tickets during Off Season:

It is easy to find cheap air tickets to Honolulu if you plan a vacation there. During the late fall and winter season is the least expensive time to visit the popular place. You will get air tickets at a cheaper rate as most of the airlines and hotel offer discount due to the lesser number of visitors during that time.

However, the holiday period between mid-December to mid- January are crowded season. Naturally, you will get tickets at a high rate in the peak season. Air ticket prices are highest during the high season of summer and winter holidays.

Fewer visitors during school time:

Generally most of the people do not choose late spring and fall to visit Honolulu due to the school session of children. You can enjoy an unforgettable vacation during this time as Honolulu has the best weather, less crowd and cheap air tickets and hotel rates during this time.


You will get better travel deals on air tickets and hotel accommodation during summer time. Sometimes in January, you will get a budget deal from Los Angeles to Honolulu while if you travel in July-August, you have to pay double the amount. Most of the airlines list the prices of the air tickets on this route for the next 12 months that allow you to choose the best deals to Honolulu.

Tourist Guide To Honolulu Flights: How To Avoid Paying Extra Airfares During Peak Season

Flying has never been as affordable as it is now-a-days especially to Honolulu. Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is one of the most popular places for vacation. Tourism industry in Honolulu is the biggest earner for this country so there is lot of places to visit like zoo, the botanical gardens, the aquariums, beautiful islands and much more.

As we all know, airfares go up during peak season but that does not mean we cannot avoid paying extra fare. There are many ways to avoid paying extra air fares even during the peak season.

Honolulu cheap air fare


Honolulu cheap flights


Here are some ways you can do to have a cheap air ticket during peak season:

Plan ahead: You can have good discounts if you book your tickets well in advance. The closer you buy your ticket to your travelling date the higher is the price. You can make your reservations between 5 months to 2 weeks well in advance.

Call the airlines number: Most people are unaware of this but the airlines offer discount nearly every day. They don't advertise this, unfortunately. To get the most out of this opportunity the best time to call is in the very early morning hours.

Package deals offer great discounts: Another way to save money is to look for the vacation packages that offer cheap air fares along with savings on accommodations. During peak season, there are very few such packages in the market so try to buy it as soon as you can.

Shop around to get the best deals: You have to keep little patience when shopping for cheap air fares. Shop around at different ticketing sites to know the best offer.

Just keep these tips in mind and you will surely be travelling in style with some extra money in your pockets.

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