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Honolulu Hale, or as called locally, Honolulu Home is the official seat of the government of the island. It is also home to the chambers of both the Mayor of Honolulu, as well as the City Council. This building, originally called the Municipal Building, was built in 1929 and is located in the downtown area. It is also knows for its impressive architecture with tiled roofs and a Spanish mission structured building. Refer to our travel guide for more details.
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Walking Tour of Honolulu Hale: Admiring the Marvelous Spanish Architecture in the Historic District

The Hawaii is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in US. It is a great place for vacationing with its host of tourist attractions and activities. One of the most popular tourist activities in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii is the walking tour through the historic Hale district.

The Aliiolani Hale is a wonderful historic building built in 1874. It was originally built for King Kamehameha, but was later used as the government office of the kingdom of Hawaii. The building today houses Judiciary Historic Center, Administrative offices of Hawaiian State, Supreme Court of Hawaii and the Law Library of Hawaii which is the largest in the city. The Judiciary Center is open between 8 and 4 throughout the weekdays.

King Kahehameha V Judiciary History Center preserves the legal history of Hawaii. You will be able to see the exhibitions, public programs and visual presentations pertaining to Hawaii's legal history in this museum. It is situated inside the Aliiolani Hale building and is open from 8 to 4 through the weekdays.

Honolulu Hale is a landmark in Honolulu. The building is made following the Californian and Spanish style of architecture. It was constructed in 1928 at South King Street. The building oozes historic charm. The staircase, courtyard, open ceiling and the balcony of the speaker were all constructed following the architectural style of a 13th century palace known as Bargello located in Florence in Italy. At present it is the seat of Hawaiian County and City Government.

You will definitely enjoy the Hawaiian music if you drop in at the concert held here. The Honolulu City Lights festival also takes place here.

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Fun Facts about Honolulu Hale - The Official Seat of Government

Honolulu Hale was originally called the Honolulu Municipal building. The building is located on 530 South King Street

Downtown Honolulu

As the name suggests, Honolulu Hale houses the governing body of the city and county of Honolulu, the chambers of the Mayor of the City of Honolulu and Honolulu City Council.

Honolulu Hale


This idea was derived from Joseph J Fern, the First Mayor of Honolulu, who wanted a place for the City municipal to meet. The city was registered in 1978 as a historic place in the National Register for Historic Place as a contributing property for the city to become Hawaii Capital Historic District.

Historic City, Honolulu


Honolulu Hale built in Italianate Spanish Colonial Revival Style was completed in the year 1928. The building features an interior courtyard, staircase and open ceiling with intricate interior stonework.

A group of volunteers joined and formed Friends of Honolulu Hale to help the people of council and city.

Friends of Honolulu Hale


There are various attractions in and around this building of historic landmark, like Hawaii State Capitol, 'Iolani Palace, Kawaiaha'o Church, Sky Gate and Territorial Building. Within walking distance are Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew and Washington Place are all nearby within walking distance for you to plan your visit at one go.

Something that the residents will love to do every year is the lighting of lights in front of this building for Christmas to start the spirit of Christmas.

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