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HNL (Honolulu International Airport) is one of the largest and busiest airports in the whole world. It covers an area of 4,520 acres and is owned and operated by the "State of Hawaii Department of Transportation". It has four active runways and plays host to over 20 million visitors in a year. HNL is exquisitely decorated with the beautiful trees and flowers of the Hawaiian Islands. Around 27 international and domestic planes, three interisland airlines, and four commuter airlines operate from this airport. More detailed info on the airport is available in our articles.
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Things You Need to Know: Carry on Bags & Luggage Restrictions of Honolulu International Airport

The carry on luggage restrictions and rules at the Honolulu airport are pretty much the same as applicable elsewhere across the nation. However, if you are flying directly from Honolulu to a foreign destination, then you should acquaint yourself with the restrictions applicable on the connecting carrier and the rules that apply at your destination.

Lighter carry ons always contribute towards a more comfortable trip. Remember that you may have a bit of walking to do at some airports and heavier bags can be a bother on those occasions. Always remember to carry prescriptions and essential medication on board. Similarly all fragile items and valuables are best when they are in your carry on. Ensure that fragile items get a neat and safe packing.

Laptops must always be submitted for security screening and cannot be used during take off and landing. You cannot use the printers while on board and the aircraft's power supply cannot be interfered with.

Due to security reasons, baggage rules keep changing and this is all the more so with foreign countries. Always check with your carrier days ahead of your planned journey and acquaint yourself with the latest rules in force.

At the Honolulu airport you are permitted to carry one carry on and one personal item on board. Car seats, infant seats or strollers etc. when they are outside the permitted limit will be charged. The weight of the carry on cannot exceed 25 pounds and the dimension is restricted to 45 linear inches. However, these specifications vary marginally with the type of aircraft and carrier you choose.

Honolulu International Airport - Make Your Pet Travel Easier

Leaving behind pets while you travel has become a thing of the past. Today, most pet owners prefer traveling with their furry companions when going on a holiday. In a bid to meet the requirements of passengers traveling with pets or service animals, a number of airports have started providing pet friendly facilities in their premises.

In fact, it would be safe to say that airports across the world have come a long way with regards to pet-friendly areas and facilities. Honolulu International Airport has been ranked among the top ten pet-friendly airports in the world. The pet-friendly facilities available at this airport are designed to make your pet feel comfortable and cared for.

There is a fully fenced in grassy area under palm trees between the International and Overseas Public Parking structures in Honolulu International Airport where service animals, pets in transit and working airport animals can relieve themselves.

Honolulu International Airport also provides plastic bags and a trash can to pet owners and animal escorts so that they can clean up after their animals. Fresh drinking water is also available for pets. However, the airport's pet policies require the animals to be on leash at all times, even if they are in the fully enclosed area.

Ever since the Department of Transportation(DOT) passed a regulation to help pet owners and passengers traveling with service animals in May 13, 2009, all airlines are required to have separate pet relief areas as well as escorts to those relief areas.

Honolulu International Airport


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