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Honolulu is an extremely popular tourist destination with something to offer all kinds of travelers, be it a couple, student, pet owner, budget traveler or those travelling for business. Numerous hotels', B&B;'s, inn's, motels', cabins' or hostels' can be found here. A majority of these are located in close vicinity to the downtown area and hence the gorgeous beaches. To find the lodging most suited to your needs it is essential to start looking well in advance and compare prices before making a decision. For detailed listings, bookings, prices and discounts refer to our informative travel articles.
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Nice Yet Affordable Lodging Options in Honolulu: Enjoying a Budget Friendly Stay

Honolulu is one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii being located at the far end of Waikiki. The sandy beaches and year round warmth makes this place an ideal vacation destination. This is drawing hundreds and thousands of tourists to this beautiful place every year.

Finding a comfortable and affordable hotel is the prime concern of all tourists but this may not be the case with those visiting Honolulu. More so if you are travelling on budget. Numerous mid range hotels and bed and breakfast inns are located in this city located in Kuhio Avenue, Lewers Street and Kalakaua Avenue.

When we talk of mid range hotels in Honolulu, besides giving you the value for your money, they also feature excellent facilities and modern standards of lodging. Some of the most preferred and budget friendly hotels you might consider staying are:

- Fernhurst Residence - this is a branch of Young Women's Christian Association offers exclusive packages for its guests.

- Castle Resorts & Hotels - this hotel offers wide variety of properties throughout Hawaii and is known for its high quality and exceptional services.

- Pagoda Hotel - this hotel is located between Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu just minutes away from some of the major Honolulu attractions.

- Ala Moana Hotel - this is a luxurious Hawaii accommodation delighting its guests with some spectacular view of mountain and ocean.

- Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel- is the only hotel on Pearl Harbor, near the USS Missouri and Arizona Memorials.

- Plumeria Apartments - this hotel offers clean and comfortable accommodation in the capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Apart from these, there are several other hotels, bed and breakfast inns, motels and rental apartments located in the city offering utmost comfort and convenience to its guests. Accommodation to some of these hotels can be booked well in advance online.

Popular Lodging Alternatives in Honolulu - Enjoy the Alluring Tropical Beach Vacation

Are you planning your trip to Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii? Honolulu has much to offer in the Oahu Island. Once you are in, you will be thrilled to explore the performing arts and dine in restaurants that concentrate in offering authentic local cuisine.

But the chief reason for making your trip successful is to choose the right lodging for your family and suit your vacation cost. Honolulu offers you an array of top-notch and world-class hotels and resorts but if your money is tight, go for other popular lodging alternatives in Honolulu to enjoy the alluring tropical beach vacation. You can opt to stay in a bed and breakfast or rental condominium. Even a private rental property and rental homes offer to save your buck yet cater to all your needs.

Such logging options gave fewer amenities, but are much more affordable and are the best choice if you are travelling with a large family. These accommodations are equipped with kitchenettes within the room where you can make your own breakfast or smaller meals in cost effective manner compared to a restaurant.

Rental homes are good lodging alternatives when you are travelling with a family that is rented on either weekly or else monthly basis. Enjoy homely comforts and privacy which is not available at a hotel at the given cost.

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Condominiums are good lodging alternatives for those who intend a shorter stay in Honolulu. The condominiums have full kitchens and the rate of such rental option is quite affordable.

Bed and Breakfasts are also very good lodging options in Hawaiian island whereas hostels are another low-cost lodging alternative than cheap hotels. The cost of renting a hostel is approximately $20 and you can pay up to $75 if you wish to get a private accommodation. You can also participate in the hostel sponsored events of the hostels like the barbecues or the pub crawls to enjoy your tour to the fullest.

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Honolulu Lodging Guide - Effective Ways to Find the Best Prices

Honolulu is one of the most sought after tourist destination spots in US. The serene beaches surrounding this city have been successful in captivating tourists. As a result hundreds and thousands of tourists keep visiting this beautiful city year after year.

Finding accommodation is not at all an issue of concern since there are several kinds of 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels located here. However, what really bothers is the amount you spend on hotel accommodation. This is crucial since it accounts for major portion of your travel expenses.

If you are keen in cutting down your accommodation costs, you need to be choosy in your approach. Before you select any kind of hotel in Honolulu, ask yourself a few questions:

- Are you willing to spend some extra bucks on transport? If yes then you can accommodate yourself in some affordable hotels located slightly away from the city.

- Are you particular about participating in local cultural events? If yes, then you could accommodate yourself in one of the smaller independent hotels. These places help you get the real feel of this historic city and its culture.

Before booking any room it is very important that you decide on the kind of accommodation you are looking for and the amenities or requirements you expect them to provide. Check out some of the popular sites before booking any room. There is whole range of hotels offering rooms at discounted prices. Who knows you can land up at one of the privileged hotels and thereby secure room at best price.

Starting from $75 to maximum of $295, different rooms offering best amenities are available in the beautiful city of Honolulu. So make sure you check out all possibilities and compare them with each other before finalising on one.

And there's more you may want to check on Honolulu lodging guide.

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Plan Your Green Travel to Honolulu: Eco-Friendly Lodging Options in Honolulu

Being to eco friendly places and establishments is really a revitalizing and relaxing experience. This is especially when you are very stressed and pressured of your work and everything that you are into. It is somewhat an escape to the reality so that you can revitalize and collect strength to face everything that you have acquire in your life and everyday trials. Honolulu is one of the places that can offer various serene and tranquil eco friendly lodging options. This place is indeed one of the places that you are looking for when you wanted to relax in a very private and tranquil place.

If you wanted to stay in budget and eco friendly hotels in Honolulu then some of the hotels that you can consider include Ala Moana Hotel, Aston at the Executive Center, and the Doubletree Hotel. These hotels or eco friendly lode in Honolulu has to offer a very budget friendly accommodation that you can really enjoy as well as can really provide you the relaxing and revitalizing experience that you certainly looking for.

Hence, if you want to have a luxury eco friendly stay in Honolulu then you can also consider first class eco friendly accommodations that can be offered to you by Sand Villa Hotel and various luxury resort hotels that are accessible in the place. In these hotels, you can get to experience and savor the serenity of the oceans and beaches in Honolulu which can be very much relaxing on your part and can be good for your health as well.

Having a vacation or staying in an eco friendly accommodation is really good to your health especially if you get to savor fresh air, experience walking around with green environment, eating fresh fruits and veggies plus eating healthy juices and fresh foods. Being on a green vacation can also be a great way to be fully revitalized from stress and pressure caused by your real world. Check the following links to know more about eco-friendly hotels in Honolulu.

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Holiday Accommodation in Honolulu - Finding the Finest and Affordable Lodging

Honolulu has wide range of choice for vacation lodging in and around the city. The vacation homes, condos and apartments are the hot spots for the affordable lodging in Honolulu. The vacation apartments are the finest rental spaces which have several amenities as the tourist can feel at home.

The vacation tropical paradise house offers a sweeping Panoramic Ocean and Diamond Head views in a reasonable rent. The home is designed beautifully with 1800 square feet of space with three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and upgraded garden. The house is located conveniently near major attractions.

The finest vacation studios are located in Waikiki place. The place is just 8 miles from the Honolulu international airport. The studios are air conditioned and fully furnished with a kitchen. The studios space is well enough for a group of four persons.

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There is also affordable resorts for the vacation stay in Honolulu. Marriot's Ko Olina Beach club is the first and the 5 star vacation resort of the city. They offer well qualified amenities for your vacation trip. The fun activities such as dinner cruise charters, sunset sails, whale watching and scuba diving will make the vacation amazing and memorable.

The Waikiki Ocean view condos are a beautiful place to accommodate in the vacation which is close to shop, beach and dining. You can access internet and laundry facilities also. The fun vacation lodging for an entire family is the Hilton Hawaiian beach and resorts. This resort is located near the beach which provides the Hawaiian hospitality.

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