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The ambient restaurants are also equally must visit as the beaches, greeneries while on a visit to Honolulu. The restaurants are mainly centralled in four areas, Waikiki beach, Downtown, Waikiki beachfront and the greater Honolulu. Honolulu is the heaven for romantic dinners under the star on the beach. Beyond Waikiki beach lots of restaurants are tucked into shopping malls and residential towers. In our original articles you will get more detailed information.
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Top Recommendation of Fine Honolulu Restaurants: Tasting Authentic Local Specials

If you are visiting Honolulu, then don't forget to taste some authentic local Hawaiian dishes. Hawaiian cuisine is a blend of American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese flavors. Some of the exotic Hawaiian dishes are Lau Lau, Chicken long rice, Loco Moco, Poi and many more.

Following are some of the fine Honolulu Restaurants that specialize in Hawaiian cuisine:

- Helena Hawaiian Food: One of the best restaurants in Honolulu, it serves Lomi salmon, Kalua pig, fried ahi etc. Some say, the squids served here are simply out of the world. A word of caution: they do not accept credit cards.

- Roy's Restaurant: Roy Yamaguchi's restaurant offers an excellent spread of Euro Asian food. The menu includes Chocolate cake, Mashed potato, Kobe beef, Grilled salmon, Shrimp salad etc.

- Ono Hawaiian Food: This restaurant serves authentic Hawaiian food ranging from kalua pig to laulau.

- Tikia's Grill and Bar: Located in the Waikiki Beach, this popular shack offers a great selection of pastas, streaks, grilled chicken and many more.

- Duke's Restaurant and Barefoot Bar: Apart from the food, another attraction of this restro cum bar is its lively music. Duke's specialities are Sashimi, Prime streaks, Tropical drinks and desserts, Hawaiian local plates etc.

- L & L Hawaiian Barbeque: L & L specialize in seafood, chicken and beef. Though small in size, its delicious Hawaiian delicacies are a hit.

A Hawaiian vacation without tasting authentic local dishes is meaningless. Thus, visit these recommended Hawaiian Restaurants and have a blast.

Best Honolulu Restaurants That You Shouldn't Miss on Your First Visit

Honolulu has several restaurants propose various cuisines and gourmets. Many of them are decent, but there are only a few restaurants that need a special mentioning. Make sure you do not miss out on these when you visit Honolulu.

Honolulu Restaurants


Facing the Waikiki beach, Orchids is undoubtedly having a spectacular view of the sea and it just adds to goodies that this place has to offer. The cuisine of this restaurant is American and typically Hawaiian. The restaurant is pretty famous for its seafood and the average course price is about $40.

Orchids- Halekulani


Michel's, also in Waikiki, is remarkable and provides its customers with best services. The delicious French food that one tastes here cannot be matched with any other European restaurants. Again, the average course would cost $40 at this place.

Michel's official website


Wooden ovens, grilled fish and lambs and stir-fried lobsters; this is Hoku's in Kahala Ave. Hoku's is known for arranging for exquisite Asian and European Fusion cuisines. An average course is priced at $35.

Dining at The Kahala- Hoku's


When we are talking about Asian, then two more restaurants need mentioning here. One is 3660 on the Rise in Kaimuki, which has a spectacular island cuisine. Apart from the main dishes, the deserts at 3660 are very famous amongst children and adults alike.

The other restaurant we have is Mekong Thai, a specialist in Thai dishes and situated in Ala Moana. Prices at Mekong are affordable, with the average course being quoted at $10.

Hy's steak house is another recommended restaurant for special occasions. It has an intimate and gentle ambience adding to the beautiful views from Waikiki.