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When you go to Hawaii for your dream vacation your first experience will be landing in the Honolulu Airport. The next thing is to find a Honolulu taxi. You are welcome by the 24 hour shuttle taxi service from airport to the Waikiki hotel you have booked. The rate is a flat $30 for any hotel no matter whether it is near or far away. To make things easy better make an early reservation so that the taxi will await your arrival. The number is 1-808-227-1111. If you are in the US or in Canada, you can use the toll free number of 1-877-500-5411. For more detailed information please go through our helpful articles.
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Must-known Facts about Taxi Services in Honolulu: For a Trouble Free Experience

Hiring a taxi service in Honolulu is very easy. There are lots of taxi services available in the city. Though, you would also find buses to take you to your destination, but the convenience of Honolulu taxis are simply unmatched.

The drivers are well experienced to drop you to your destination, if in case they do not know the direction of your chosen location, they make sure they get proper information before they take you to your desired destination.

You would also find the rates fixed by the authorities in Honolulu. Every destination in Honolulu has its own charge; taxi drivers can't alter the fares on their own.

If two of you have booked a taxi, you could go in for a fare divide.

Taxis hire rules in Honolulu


The cab co. Honolulu is one of the best taxi services in Honolulu.

You would find the firm has the largest fleet of taxis in the city. You would be able to book their services through a call.

For someone who is physically challenged, he or she would find the cab co. Honolulu as the best in Honolulu.

The special cars have necessary disabled ramp equipped to make a disabled person easily get into the taxi.

Best taxi services in Honolulu


If you are willing to get a chauffeur on a taxi ride, book taxi services at Royal Hawaiian taxi.

Best chauffeured taxi services


Star taxi Hawaii offers you incredible discounts on taxi services.

Best discount taxi services in Honolulu


Guide to Honolulu Airport Taxi Service

The Honolulu International Airport is on the island of Oahu. This is the Hawaii's major aviation gateway. The international airport is located 4 miles west of Honolulu city. The transportation service from and to Honolulu Airport are taxi services, bus service and the free shuttle.

The cab is the authorized taxi service of Honolulu international Airport. All the taxis are coordinated and managed by Signature Cab Holdings. The Airport taxis are available on the centre median in front of the baggage reclaim areas. The other mode of transportation is the city bus service. The city bus service in Honolulu is called The Bus. The Shuttle service from airport serves to the hotels in Honolulu city.

Honolulu international airport transportation information


how to get into Honolulu International airport


Recommended Honolulu airport taxi service


The cost of taxi service differs from each other some are expensive and some are cheaper. The star discount taxi is the only discounted taxi in Hawaii. The star taxi service is the one which is recommended by the city guide book. The best way to find the transportation is the taxi service. You can choose the best and the right car which suites for your travel.

Many taxi services offers free shuttle service to the baggage area from their office. The taxi service is recommended for the Airport transportation as you can reserve the vehicle prior and the company assures a timing transportation to the airport. The prices for the airport travel are reasonable and in competitive rates as there are so many taxi services around the city.

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