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Do you have plans of arranging your next holiday at the gorgeous destination of Honolulu, Hawaii at a cheap cost? Then you should know a certain things to make sure that there's not too much of pressure on your pocket. Search for the cheap deals offered on flights to and from the city along with inexpensive hotels and restaurants. A comparison with offers made by different companies can come handy is getting the best deal.

Holiday Travel in Honolulu, Hawaii: Holidays, Vacations, Vacation Packages

Vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii can be fun with lots of water sports, surfing lessons and snorkeling. The travel packages offered by the travel agencies make sure that you get the true essence of the city. They offer camping packages. Setting up a camp in the vast white sand of Waikiki beach can be the most memorable holiday and while you are far removed from media such as television or http://www.partycasino.com/, you will find that you can make your own entertainment while you are here. Oahu north shore packages offered by some world class city hotels can be romantic with sipping cocktails and watching live Hawaiian music and dance. If you are an art fan you can go for the vacation package that includes accommodation, visits to the Bishop museum and a tour to the Iolani palace.

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Touring options available at Honolulu, Hawaii can compete with the best travel destinations of the world. You can tour the USS Arizona memorial to see the historical place where 1,177 crew members lost their lives during the Japanese attacks in Dec 7, 1941.

Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island can take you through the history of World War II and features American and Japanese military aircrafts of that time. Exotic coral reef habitat can be explored in the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Here you can swim with spectacular fishes and exotic water bodies. The huge art collection in Honolulu Academy of Arts featuring a Whistler and Monet can also be nice option to go for during your sightseeing tour. All these striking places make Honolulu an ideal place to be for people belonging to all generations.

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Quick Vacation Guide: Zip Codes and Transportation Options of Top Attractions in Honolulu

Honolulu in Hawaii is a culturally rich and vibrant city. From arts to eat, music to theatre, beaches to hikes; this city has so much to offer that there is never a dull moment. To be able to make the most of your time in this city you should make yourself familiar with the different tourist attractions, their zip codes and the means of transport for getting there.

The Honolulu Academy of Arts is a top recommended spot for all tourists who want to experience fine arts at a close hand. The collections include Asian art and Western art forms. These include collections of art works from Greece and Rome from way back in the ancient times. The Egyptian art collection dates back as far as the third millennium.

The entry is priced at $5 for children over 12, senior citizens and military personnel and at $10 for adults. One can sign up for a guided tour to learn more about the academy. It was set up in the year 1922.

The Honolulu Academy of Arts can be found at the address 900 South Berentania Street, Honolulu, HI- 96814. With more than 34,000 pieces of art works, the academy is one of the largest and most inspiring collections of culture, history and art in any place.

The Hawaii Theatre is yet another top attraction in Honolulu. The theatre has been built at the address 1130 Bethel St Honolulu- HI 96813.

Things You Need to Know: Honolulu Real Property Tax Rates & Other Related Info

Honolulu is the most populated and the capital city of Hawaii, United States. You could get the latest information about anything through online. From rental car bookings to building permits, the city has been in the first place for providing high quality services through internet. Now you could get your real property assessment notice through email. You could also file your claim for the property exemption and your property tax appeal through internet.

Honolulu Real Property Assessment Division


In order to receive your real property assessment noticed, you have to register online. You also have the option to file home exemption claim online for the next tax years. You could also file a property appeal to the board of review through online.

Honolulu Real Property Assessment Online Service


There are several websites online which provides information about the tax credit, tax bills, late, or improvement district assessment, delinquent payments. If you have any queries, you could email to their websites. The email which you received will contain all the useful information about the property tax and other related information in Honolulu.

Honolulu Real Property Tax Exemption and Rate Info


Honolulu City Council announced that the people who are not living in their property have to pay tax amount of 3.58 dollars per 1000 dollars worth of land. If you are living in your property then you have to pay 3.42 dollars per 1000 dollars valuation. However there are several other tax benefits are available for senior citizens. There will be increase in the tax on non occupant owners and it is expected to increase nine million dollars a year.

Free Things to Do in Honolulu: Enjoy a Fun & Wallet Friendly Trip

Honolulu in Hawaii has long been established as a hot spot for tourists from all over the world. From honeymoons and family vacations to graduation trips and business trips, Honolulu can serve as the perfect destination for every kind of traveler.

If you are traveling to Honolulu on a budget and want some ideas on what to do for fun without stretching your wallet thin, use our list of free activities and fun in the region.

The first tip is to go hiking. The numerous hills and mountains that surround the plains are not just for scenic worth. You can also pack a lunch and choose a trail and spend the day climbing up. Not only is it great exercise and a fun challenge, you can also enjoy some stunning views and a yummy lunch without spending tons of money.

If you happen to be visiting in the winter season plan a day by North Shore and enjoy a quiet time soaking in the beauty and abundance of nature at the beaches. The Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay offer pristine spots for relaxing at and watching the sunset, the waves and if you are lucky you might just catch a glimpse of the humpback whales that come up to the surface every now and then.

If you want to save money but learn about Waikiki history you can sign up for one of the free of charge walking tours that are organized from Monday to Saturday. They last for about one and a half hours.

Strategies on Getting the Best Airfare Deals: Experiencing a Beautiful Honolulu Vacation for Cheap

You would have come across many people regularly booking flight tickets for flying to Honolulu. The weather in this part of the world is absolutely amazing. However, it is quite unfortunate to see that some people are hesitating to travel to Honolulu for a reason that flight tickets are quite expensive.

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Getting the best airfare deals for Honolulu travel depends on several factors such as destination, length of stay, time of year and lots more. It is quite difficult for getting best price on your flights, however there are several tips are mentioned below which could help you to get the best airfare deals for Honolulu travel.

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Finding the Low Season in High Season

If you want to travel during a holiday time, ask if any of the days are considered as low season. If you are planning to travel on these dates you would probably save a lot of money.

Flights during the Holiday Period Need Planning

For travel in holiday periods, it is very difficult and quite expensive to try and book during the last minute. Flights would fill up in advance.

After Sunset, Before Sunrise: Time of Day Discounts

The time of the day that you get on your air travels could sometimes affect the rates of your airfare and based on your travel plans there might be times of day which are less costly.

Some of Days Flights Tickets are Cheaper than Others

The day of the week which you travel could surely affect the rates of the air tickets which you pay for- some days just tend to be lower than others for air tickets or flights.

Length of the Stay: More time means more Money

Another factor which affects the ticket price is the length of your trip.

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Tips for Finding Cheap Honolulu Flights: Choosing the Best Time to Visit

Honolulu is one of the best places to visit to enjoy a serene holiday in the outdoors. It is famous for its wonderful beaches, pristine scenery and so on. It is thronged by tourists all around the year and more so, during the peak season of summer.

One needs to be careful in choosing the right time to get there and the right means too. Else, you may end up paying much more than what others do and you may feel for it later. The reason is that since the place is so famous, there is an ever rising demand for transportation to that place and you must decide with sense and make you trip as affordable as possible.

The rainy season during November is one time when you may find cheaper tickets. But the problem is that Christmas is round the corner and you may find it harder to find tickets. Also, you must plan your trip early and book tickets as early as possible. It is the best strategy to get the best deals as a family of four can save their boarding charges if they buy tickets wisely.

Another useful trick is to get yourself booked to one of the coastal tickets and then board yourself to Honolulu on some international flight as this will help you save more money. But you need to be careful in leaving ample connection time as flights may be delayed during peak traffic. You could also get some advice on this matter from previous visitors but never forget that there is ample room for you to save money in booking tickets.

The Most Visited Destinations in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii is a city and a county and also a dream destination for many people, which cannot be denied. Honolulu is known for its natural beauty and if you are a nature lover, you are advised to visit Honolulu. Hawaii is a beautiful city with beaches and its own culture.

One can surely have the most unforgettable experience once he/she has been to Honolulu. Well, when we talk about attractions in Honolulu, we must not forget about the vast areas of interest, cultural attractions and event venues, archtecture and Edifices, Educational Attractions like zoos ad aquariums, Entertainment centres and natural attractions.

Information about attractions you must visit in Honolulu


If you are in Honolulu and do not know what to do, you are advised to visit populat tourist attractions like Oahu Island Downtown, Capitol Park, Hawaii State Archives, Museum and Judiciary Building, Kawaiahao Church, Pearl Harbur, Ala Moana Park and many more beautiful places.

Hawaii is known as the best holiday destination for travellers from all over the world. If you happen to get a chance to visit Honolulu, you will have the most remarkable experience with its scenic and natural beauty.

Know places to visit in Honolulu


Some of the most visited and popular Honolulu attractions are:

- Iolani Palace.

- Aloha Stadium Flea Market.

- Aloha Tower.

- Bishop Museum.

- Diamond Head.

- U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.

- Waikiki Beach, Aquarium and many more.

Information about these attractions in Honolulu


With beautiful islands and beaches, Honolulu invites travellers from all over the world. Tourists can visit natural parks, zoos and can explore Honolulu through various sightseeing packages.

YOu must not forget to visit the famous Waikiki Aquarium, Diamond Head, Iolani palace and many other beautiful arts and craft gallery.

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Reputable Car Rental Companies in Honolulu: Experiencing a Smooth and Delightful Trip

Honolulu in Hawaii is a great place to head to for a vacation. Where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and waterfalls on the one hand, there are fantastic malls and great restaurants to savor on the other. However, traveling from the airport to your hotel and then from the hotel to spots in the city during your trip can take a toll on anybody. Since it is not always possible to take your own vehicle along on trips, and calling a cab every time can work out rather stressful on the pocket, the best option is to rent a car.

There are a number of reliable car rental companies in Honolulu that you can choose from. If you want to book a vehicle at the airport itself when you land, there are some nationally and internationally known names to pick from. These include Avis, Hertz and Budget car rental. The companies National and Dollar also have outlets at the airport for commuters.

Alamo and Thrifty are two car rental companies that have branches within the city, not at the airport.

The advantages of renting a car in Honolulu are many. To begin with, there is the ease of use and convenience. With your own vehicle you can go and come as you please and a waiting cab does not bind you.

Next, it works out much cheaper by the end of your stay. Instead of paying a considerable amount to cab drivers numerous times every day, you simply rent a car for a reasonable amount at one go and then enjoy your vacation.

OHANA Honolulu Airport Hotel: For a Convenient and Affordable Stay near Honolulu International Airport

The Honolulu Airport Hotel provide a full range of a world class services and accommodations. Visitors and guests would certainly enjoy their business trips and travel vacations in these hotels. You would find hotels which suit your requirements and need whether you are on a budget, with your friends and family. There are several hotels and resorts are available in Honolulu.

Honolulu Airport Hotel Homepage


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Most of the hotels are close to U.S.S Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial, Aloha Stadium, shopping mall, market, theaters, restaurants, clubs and pubs, bar and many more. For a convenient and affordable it is always better to stay near Honolulu International Airport. Some of the basic facilities offered in these hotels are24 hour front desk, satellite or cable televisions, Internet access and outdoor and indoor swimming pool, multi-screen TV sets. Most of the Ohana Honolulu Airport Hotel also features non-smoking room, room services, and restaurants on site; fishing and golf course by.

These hotels present comfortable suites and guestrooms for relaxation. It features restaurants, coffee bar, pools, meeting rooms, whirlpool spa and a self-service business center. It is simply perfect for families, business travelers, small or seniors group because these hotels have ample parking area and easy access system of transportation.

Almost all the hotels near Honolulu International Airport provide breakfast which includes fresh juice, salads, tea and coffee and many more. These hotels also have a variety of entertainment and restaurants for leisure and fun. Some of the amenities comprise of ATM/bank, fitness center, boutiques, complimentary local telephone calls and non-smoking rooms.

Guide to First Time Visitors: Map & Public Transportation Options of Honolulu

Renting a vehicle is not for everyone, nor is walking around to different places. Simply put, when you are staying in a city like Honolulu, which has a varied public transportation system, it makes sense to make the most of it. Use this guide to the maps and public transportation system to save time and money during your stay.

The best example of the public transport system in the city is the Honolulu Bus System. Known as TheBus, the system has a number of routes spread through the city. Tourists can use the bus system to commute to all the major tourist spots. The bus has routes that include the shopping district, the eating joints, the entertainment districts as well as places of tourist interest. One can also get the bus for the most interesting part of Honolulu- the beaches.

The greatest thing about using the Honolulu Bus System is that not only do you save a lot of money otherwise spent on cabs or car rental, you also do not have to worry about getting lost or finding parking space. The bus is a great idea for those who want to travel within Honolulu. There are also some routes that have been created for traveling around the island but these do not cover every part so you need to check the maps beforehand.

It is advisable to get the schedules and maps well in advance for comfortable commuting. These can be procured from TheBus Pass Office or ordered online.

Listing of Honolulu Homes for Rent: Choosing the Right One in Great Location

Choosing an apartment or condo for rent is a challenging task. With the variety of points to take into consideration, finding a good home for rent in Honolulu becomes a matter of careful consideration and market evaluation.

If you want to take matters into your own hands, we suggest relying on sources such as newspaper advertisements, classifieds to-let sections, Internet forums and retail websites to keep a track of renting facilities in Honolulu. However, if you want help, consult a reputed real estate agency in Honolulu. The experts always have most information on market trends, prices, good neighborhoods, amenities and other factors that go into choosing a house for rent. Some good real estate brokers in Honolulu that you can choose from are Realty Executives Oahu, Dower Realty Inc. Keith Tse Realtor-Associate and CB Richard Ellis.

Carefully reviewing the neighborhoods is of prime importance. A neighborhood will be the best aggregate or approximation of your needs and wants and capabilities rolled into one. You might not always be able to avail of all the features you want but if you make an informed decision based on Honolulu neighborhoods, you can be guaranteed maximum satisfaction.

Waialae-Kahala and Kaimuki are the two priciest and most upscale neighborhoods to rent in Honolulu. They are considered to be amongst the top posh colonies in the city.

Those renting on a budget are advised to choose from Liliha-Kapalama and Makiki which are known to be more reasonably priced and more affordable.