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Honolulu is the most populous and capital city of Hawaii. Honolulu is located on Hawaii's beautiful island of Oahu. The city is home to the Waikiki beach. The city is a hub of government, transportation and commercial. Honolulu is a city which experiences a tropical wet and dry climate with a dry summer season.

The city receives sunshine through out the year. There will be an average precipitation in the winter. The winter months of the city start from October through March and the annual precipitation during these months is 18.3 inches. The average temperature of Honolulu through out the year will get vary. The high temperature ranges from 80-89 °F and the low temperature ranges from 65-75°F.

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Major attractions of the city


There are major attractions to see in Honolulu. The fine weather will help you to visit all major attractions of the city without any weather interruptions. The major and most popular attractions of Honolulu are ocean Legends dive center, Reef Trekkers, Hawaiian Escapades, Mission house museum, Honolulu hale and many more.

The Aloha tower is the most recognized building in the Hawaii state. This is the must see attraction where you can find attraction, market place, dining, and commercial activities. This is the best location to shop variety of unique items for the whole family.

Aloha tower - Honolulu attraction


The Honolulu academy of arts is the Hawaii's premier art museum in the city. The museum has a collection of 60,000 art works. The museum is established with a dedication to the collections, preservation and exhibitions.

The Honolulu museum and the Honolulu art galleries are the most famous and most visited attractions in the city. The Diamond Head is the most fabulous attraction which offers a fantastic ocean views from the cliff.

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