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There is no better way to treat yourself than a vacation to Honolulu. And the best part is it's welcoming throughout the year. Honolulu has a semi-arid climate with highest temperature around 32oC and lowest around 19oC. Rarely do temperatures fluctuate from the average. So, summers are not too hot and winters are not too cold. The Honolulu weather is an incentive to tourists visiting from places with extreme climates. The warm breeze and the cool sea will take away all your fatigue. Our articles give you more information on the Honolulu climate and vacations.
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Grabbing the Best Time for Visiting: Brief Intro to Weather & Climate Conditions in Honolulu

Honolulu is an ideal tourist destination with beautiful sandy beaches and warm year around weather. The best time to visit the Honolulu is in the summer. This is the time when families and honeymooners take time off to enjoy the beautiful Honolulu.


Hotels, beaches and activities are tending to get busy during the summer and winter holidays. Honolulu is a warm and sunny place throughout the year. However, the annual average temperature ranges from 70 to 85 degrees. You can experience the warmest weather during the period of June to October when the temperatures reach to more than 80 degrees.

Honolulu will get the heavy rainfall in the months of December and January and relatively good change in the high temperature. A lot of tourists visit Honolulu during the school holiday period from mid-December to mid- January and comparatively a crowded season.

High & off season:

When school is back in session, fewer people prefer to go for vacation. Visitors are fewer in late fall and winter period. However it is the ideal time to visit Honolulu as it has fewer crowds, pleasant weather and lower prices. The high seasons are longer in the recent years almost reducing the off season in Honolulu.

A lot of people are visiting Honolulu during the main annual events. You can enjoy such festivals throughout the year such as Honolulu festival in March, the striking Aloha festival in the month of September and the Honolulu Marathon event in December.

- Peak season: June to mid-September, mid-December to mid-January

- Off season: November to mid-December, mid-January to March

- shoulder season: April to May, mid-September to October

Honolulu Travel Info - Top Recommended Things to Do in Fine Weather

Honolulu is the most populous and capital city of Hawaii. Honolulu is located on Hawaii's beautiful island of Oahu. The city is home to the Waikiki beach. The city is a hub of government, transportation and commercial. Honolulu is a city which experiences a tropical wet and dry climate with a dry summer season.

The city receives sunshine through out the year. There will be an average precipitation in the winter. The winter months of the city start from October through March and the annual precipitation during these months is 18.3 inches. The average temperature of Honolulu through out the year will get vary. The high temperature ranges from 80-89 °F and the low temperature ranges from 65-75°F.

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Major attractions of the city


There are major attractions to see in Honolulu. The fine weather will help you to visit all major attractions of the city without any weather interruptions. The major and most popular attractions of Honolulu are ocean Legends dive center, Reef Trekkers, Hawaiian Escapades, Mission house museum, Honolulu hale and many more.

The Aloha tower is the most recognized building in the Hawaii state. This is the must see attraction where you can find attraction, market place, dining, and commercial activities. This is the best location to shop variety of unique items for the whole family.

Aloha tower - Honolulu attraction


The Honolulu academy of arts is the Hawaii's premier art museum in the city. The museum has a collection of 60,000 art works. The museum is established with a dedication to the collections, preservation and exhibitions.

The Honolulu museum and the Honolulu art galleries are the most famous and most visited attractions in the city. The Diamond Head is the most fabulous attraction which offers a fantastic ocean views from the cliff.

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Budget Friendly Summer Fun: Free Things to Do under Bad Weather Conditions in Honolulu

Rain is no big deal in Hawaii, as you will still have something to do for fun in Hawaii. Your vacation is not spoilt at all, as there are many things to do and you need not fret and keep yourself happy. Drive to a waterfalls when it rains and you will find that beauty is being added to the already beautiful waterfalls.

Some of the commonly visited waterfalls in Hawaiian Islands are:

Hanakapi'ai Falls, Kalihiwai Falls, Secret Falls, Wailua Falls and Opeaka'a Falls. With little mud and gushing water the falls are the best places to play when there is no emergency sign of flashfloods.

Water fun in bad weather, Honolulu


Other thing that you can do is sip a freshly brewed coffee from the handpicked coffee plantations of Kaui, shopping in Hanalei, Kaui plantation tree ride, and visiting museums and places of historical importance are some of the indoor activities you can do on a bad weather. There is no pleasure more than sipping a hot cup of coffee and sandwiches with hot cookies to complement your time with family. Of course, you could do some whale watching from the balcony of your resorts with rainbow bridging the gap between sky and ocean.

More things to do at no cost in Honolulu on a bad weather


Tourism officials in Hawaii are always prepared to face the bad weather every year and not to their dismay many people go to the theaters, shopping, playing in the mud and small streams sailing boats and visiting museums and theaters.

Fun things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii


Some of the places to visit in rain in Honolulu, Hawaii are the Polynesian Cultural Center, Bishop Museum, Jimmy's Buffet at Beachcomber, Volcano Art Center Gallery and Lyman Mission House and Museum.

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Basic Guide for Your Beach Tour: Honolulu Weather and Traffic Conditions

Honolulu is one of the most renounced tourist locations and is a very popular destination for beaches inviting thousands of visitors every year. Honolulu has some of the world famous attractions like the amazing Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Waimea Bay, Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona and Honolulu Zoo. Interesting things to do are climbing Amazing Diamond Head, snorkeling the beautiful Hanauma Bay or cruising the coast of Oahu for watching dolphins. Other things that you cannot neglect to visit in Honolulu are the white sand beaches offering exciting sports like swimming, snorkeling, boating, surfing, canoeing and kayaking.

Honolulu, Touring Around Beaches


Some of the world famous beaches to tour in Honolulu are:

Hanauma Bay that is a horseshoe bay, which has interesting beaches and diving spots that is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. This is also a preserve park for marine life of Hawaii.

Kailua Beach Park is an abode of heaven for beach lovers who find conditions most of the year ideal to sunbath, swim, snorkel and windsurf.

Waimea Bay is one of the most enchanting beaches that will better fit picnicking and surfing.

Beaches in Honolulu


Honolulu beaches gains popularity for the balmy, tropical weather year round. The beaches have highs of about 78°-82°in winter reaching high in summer and lows in winter. Rains are around November and March while the busy tourist season is from November to January. Whale watching is best from December to March.

Beach weather conditions in Honolulu


When you are touring around the Hawaiian beaches, especially during the peak tourist season time, traffic might be a problem. This is because Honolulu, Hawaii is a naive state with tropical weather that is highly unpredictable, and you can always get updated information on Honolulu traffic while travelling around by registering into their website.

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Honolulu Travel Guide: Different Activities and Sightseeing Tours at Different Weather Conditions

The Honolulu city in the Oahu island of Hawaii has a pleasant weather throughout the year due to its geographic location. There are only 2 seasons: summer (May - mid October) and winter (Mid October - April).

Winter is best suited for surfing activities. Surfing along the busiest Waikiki Beach is an exciting one. The lower waves help beginner surfers. It is a great place for swimming and kayaking.

On a pleasant day, another thrilling activity that you can indulge is the 'Honolulu Screamer'. It is a powerful twin jet boat that tears through the water at a speed of 40 miles per hour. The twists and turns with a powerful audio surround system will make you scream.

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Whale watching is another interesting activity during winter. Watching the whales jumping boisterously in the sea is a thrilling experience.

On a windy day with high tide, you can set out to see the Halona Blowhole. The fury waters protruding through the hole on the cave inside the sea is a real surprise.

You can have a very close look at the marine life by taking a submarine tour in Waikiki. It is a real adventure as you go 100 feet under the sea surface.

Information on Atlantis Premium Submarine Tour


Summer in Honolulu has short rains but they do not obstruct sight seeing.

The Honolulu zoo without the invasion of modern trends is another place of attraction. Many uncommon species of animals can be found in this zoo.

'Zoo by Moonlight' is a never forgettable experience as you can tour the entire zoo at the times of full moon nights and watch the nocturnal inhabitants.

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In spite of the seasons, Honolulu is a best tourist spot to visit throughout the year.