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What make Honolulu Zoo a fun place to visit are the various features on offer. Apart from the many animals, reportedly almost 1200 species, and birds in the zoo, the zoo authorities have several features like Twilight tours, breakfast with a keeper and birthday parties that makes this trip enjoyable, especially for your children. Hawaii's state bird, the endangered Nene and several such species on the verge of extinction are the pride of the zoo. Make your trip profitable with discount coupons and other services. Find more details in our articles.
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Visit Honolulu Zoo: A Picturesque Setting of Animal Habitats

Honolulu is one place in Hawaii that offers great fun and adventure. There are plenty of spots in Hawaii to be visited but the most visited one is the Honolulu Zoo. It is located at 151 Kapahulu Ave. Honolulu Oahu, HI 96815.

The zoo setting of the animal habitats are truly beautiful, the reason for this is that the zoo is the major zoological institution of research in the city of Hawaii and the County of Honolulu. It offers 1,239 animals in specifically designed habitats.

The Zoo kept on changing and becoming more modernized. There are plenty of exhibits that are renovated just to give a setting that is more natural for the animals that are on display. This method is continually done at the moment.

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The zoo has huge collection of tropical birds that came from Asia, America and Australia, which includes the uncommon State Bird of Hawaii called Nene. The African Savanna offers a wide collection of animals that dwells in a natural setting. The animals that are included here are meerkats, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, wild dogs, zebras, ostrich and so many more. Aside from this, there are also reptile and primate collection present in the zoo.

Visiting the zoo is truly full of fun and excitement. This is definitely one of the spots that you should not miss to visit if you are in Hawaii. There are different kinds of tickets that you can avail in visiting the zoo. It will depend on you, on how you want to go around the zoo.

The zoo is open everyday from 9 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. But, for the children zoo it is closed at 4 in the afternoon.

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Touring Honolulu Zoo - An Unsurpassed Family Trip

The Honolulu national zoo is the principal zoological institution of research in the city and county of Honolulu. It is the only zoo to be made by grants by a sovereign monarch. It covers an area of 300 acre and provides shelter to more than 1230 animals in a specially designed habitat. More than 750,000 visitors visit the zoo annually.

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The zoo has large variety of mammals, birds and reptiles. There are metal sculptures of ostrich and giraffe by Charles Watson; bronze Elephants child by Tom tischler and much more. Timings for the zoo are 9 am to 4:30 pm daily. However it is closed for Christmas days. Ticket price for general admission is $12 and little less for the local crowd. Hawaii zoo coupons allow access to Honolulu zoo, thus giving instant saving.

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It offers lots of interesting activities to its visitors. Some of the activities are:

- Art in the zoo: artists get an opportunity to closely observe the shape, texture and movement of the animal they wish to paint.

- Dinner safari: you get the chance to explore the zoo at twilight. The program starts at 6 pm and gets over by 10 pm.

- Star gazing at the zoo: you can explore the night sky and discover animals that are out of the world with astronomers from UH institute of astronomy.

- Vacation adventures: this program is for children of the age group 6-11. A camp is organized which is usually for 5 days.

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