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You can't go back home after a vacation in Honolulu without souvenirs for friends and relatives. There is no better place to buy souvenirs than the International Market Place, at the heart of Waikiki. The market place has hundreds of carts with many items. You can use your bargaining skills well and you could be wheeling out a cartload of stuff for home. Examine what you are buying so that you don't find it to be fake later. To know more about places to visit in Honolulu, look out for our articles.
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International Market Place

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Tips on Shopping in International Market Place Honolulu: Getting Things You Need at Best Price

The International Market Place in Waikiki, Honolulu is one of the best places to shop for souvenirs from the Island city. This shopping market is located around a banyan tree which is 100 years old. The market is an open air one and there is also a food court offering international cuisine to the visitors. The market remains open from 10am to 10.30pm every day.

The International Marketplace in Honolulu

There are several stalls in the market with items ranging from gifts, apparels, jewelry and other merchandise. Some of the popular shops include Anna Gift, Mei's Collection, Red Lantern, Motomochi, Lucky Shop and Waikiki Outlet. The prices are reasonable and you will get lots of items especially flowered lei, wooden tiki head and colorful mumu at a very good price. In certain shops, shorts are available at $20 and shirts are available at $20.

You will get good bags, wallets, purses at a great price provided you can haggle with them. Sometimes the shops owners are over stocked and give away items at reduced prices. Try and buy items from them and you will get it at an incredible price. Visit the market at a time when it is closing down for the day. You will obtain excellent deals. You can also buy eco goods like wallets made of coconut. The Island Gift Shop located in the center of the market place offers products at dirt cheap rates. They have a no bargain policy, but the prices will make you really happy. If you want to buy gift scrolls, buy it from Daniel Kim at the cheapest price.

The International Marketplace in

Tips to get good bargains at the International Marketplace in Honolulu

Shops to get cheap products in International Marketplace

International Market Place: A Must See Place In Honolulu

The International Market Place in Honolulu has been in existence for several years now. It has more than 130 carts, artisan stands and shops. It is an open air setting in the middle of Waikiki and is one of the stops that you should make while in Honolulu. It is a great place to get a special gift and souvenirs when you are on vacation.

There are several craftspeople who you can talk to about the history of the place as you purchase your souvenirs. There is a waterfall near the International Market Place and it provides a lovely background for taking pictures. The land where the International Market Place is found was once owned by Queen Emma Kaleleonalani who was one of the people who began humanitarian efforts in the area. She started taking part in humanitarian efforts after losing her son and husband before she got to the age of 30.

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This place also has an International Food Court which offers a wide variety of international and local cuisine. Visitors can also get some Hawaiian entertainment five times a week. The International Food Court is open each day from 10am to 10.30 pm.

Various events are also held at the International Market Place and you can check their site for details about them. The place has several merchants who are divided into various categories. The merchants found at the International Market Place include jewelry, food service, gifts and apparel.