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An integral part of just about all the travel packages to Honolulu, a visit to the Kapiolani Park in the state of Hawaii is a wonderful way of getting to know more about the rich social as well as natural history of the region.

The history of the Kapiolani Park dates back to the year 1876 at a time when the land that was to be the park was leased by the Kapiolani Park Association who pledged to pay the sum of $1 for each year to the King David Kalakaua, who was the legal owner of the land. It was his consort, the Queen Kapiolani whom the park has been named after.

Once the monarchy was overthrown, the park was gradually absorbed by the government as a part of their territory. It was later transferred to the realm of the Republic of Hawaii and the reigns of managing the park was given to the group known as the Honolulu Park Commission.

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The Kapiolani Park at its origin was just a body of marshy land that was dotted with bushes, a bit of natural vegetation as well as some pools and water bodies. Today, however, the Kapiolani Park is a completely different area, with its manicured looks and a complete entertainment package that it provides to the visitors who arrive at its land.

Whether you are on the look out of seasonal blooms or want a game of tennis, the Kapiolani Park has its all! In fact the park can be said to be one of the few examples of places which offer the facilities of a cricket field in America as well!

If you are planning to travel, Honolulu offers a perfect way you can enjoy a trip to Hawaii with your family and kids, the Kapiolani Park is a definite must have in your tour itinerary as the park is home to the famous Waikiki Shell as well as the Honolulu Zoo.

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Kapiolani Park Address
3902 Paki Ave.
Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815

Tel: (808) 545-4344
Email: kpps@kapiolaipak.og

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Website: http://www.kapiolanipark.org/

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