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If you enjoy forests and greenery, then Lyon Arboretum is the place for you. Around 200 acres of a rainforest reminiscent of Africa houses over 800 species of plants. Lyon Arboretum is a botanical garden under the University of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association set up the garden in 1918. Currently, it functions as a research center and encourages many educational activities. Scientists and researchers from many disciplines set up camp in Lyon Arboretum for their studies. To know more about student visits to Lyon Arboretum, turn to our articles.
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Visiting Lyon Arboretum Honolulu: Discover Exotic Flora & Exploring Unbelievable Landscapes

If you ask someone who has been to Honolulu, to name one attraction, he would give everything to watch for; it has to be Lyon Arboretum in Honolulu. The place is a wonderful piece of creation.

It is naturally blended together at its best.

The arboretum is located at the University of Hawaii, and therefore it is extensively used by the students of Hawaii University to complete botanical and biological assignments in the university.

You would find the Lyon Arboretum has more than 7,000 species of plants, which is again a place; nobody would like to miss out.

It is also a home to many rare native flowers, and you would find the flowers blossom all around the Arboretum.

Significance of Lake Arboretum

Visitors who come to Honolulu make it a point to visit Lyon Arboretum, and why not? The place has a beauty rare to match anywhere around the botanical world.

The Arboretum acts as a research base for many students of Hawaii University.

You would find the park is surrounded by cliff on all the three sides.

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If you have plans to go Lyon Arboretum, you should visit on weekdays, as Sunday are a holiday in the park.

The park is closed on all public holidays.

Timings of the park

The Lyon Arboretum was the brain child of Hawaiian sugars planters association.

A brief history of Lyon Arboretum

For an Exotic Experience in Honolulu: Stroll Through the Beautiful Lyon Arboretum Botanical Garden

Honolulu, Hawaii is anyway quite exotic with beautiful houses; maritime climate and splendid locales. You can get more exotic if you slide into Lyon Arboretum botanical Gardens. This university garden has a rare collection of plants and flowers.

It is based on a widening 200 acres in the upper tracts of Manoa Valley. It is comprised of rosaries, greenhouses and other plant assortments and is primarily meant for research purposes. Scholars from all over the nation accumulate here and do their researches on rare plants, species and other aspects of fauna. They are given expert guidance by in-house faculties. Visitor count is more than 34000 per year in this masterpiece in Island of O'ahu.

Lyon Arnboretum and Hawaii University

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Lyon Arboretum Visitors Guide

It is a well networked tropical rainforest with sections designed for plant exhibits, cottages and research specification. Different organizations like Garden Club of Honolulu make sure that people coming here are well guided to coordinate. Not only botany scholars, but engineers, zoologists and anthropologists also arrive here for educational training.

Its collections include 7500 plant species; some local and most exotic. Kukui, koa and hala are typical plants. The rainforest also does something for endangered species through micro-propagation. It calls on seminars involving experts in the field to ensure that development is on the right path.

Lyon Arboretum Specific Details

This beautiful botanical garden is open on weekdays from nine to four. You may also get to learn tactics on how to grow special trees extensively. Thus it is a great site for local farmers as well.