Honolulu city is known for its esthetic appeal and enticing attractions. Over the years, millions of tourists have visited the city to admire its culture and artistic touch. It has got an amazing blend of diversified culture offering great amount of fun and entertainment to people from different region and religion.

Motels have emerged in numbers offering great amount of relaxation facilities to the motorists and people looking for an accommodation on highways with large parking lots. Honolulu City houses some stupendous motels providing great deal of comfort and relaxation facilities.

Some of the best motels in the city include:

- Airport drive Inn

- Alvins Drive Inn

- Spots Inn

- Byrons Drive Inn

- Dew Drop Inn

- Makiki Inn

- Kiku Inn

- Kents Drive Inn

- Fongs Inn

- Side Street Inn

- Spoondrifter

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Most of the motels are equipped with all the modern amenities and are designed for people looking for one or two day of stay. These motels offer large parking lots where you can park your car or motor-bike. The atmosphere around the motels is usually calm with most of them located near the highway. Motels are ideally suited to people looking for accommodation sans luxuries.

Motels are usually pocket - friendly as they provide only basic amenities and focus on accommodation only. However, location does play an important role when it comes to accommodation price. Some of the motels are located near the historical places and charge hefty amount while some near the highways charge affordable price.

One can search tours and travel, Honolulu portals for all the necessary information on motels and their prices. One can also travel to Honolulu localities to garner the detailed information from the locals. For revelers and wanderers, Honolulu houses good amount of pocket friendly motels offering quality accommodation.

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