Parks & Outdoor Recreation in Honolulu
The beaches make up only a part of your Honolulu experience. Golfing, fishing, museums, amusement parks, outdoor/indoor activities, bowling alleys and more can be found in a pamperingly large list of options. The Waikiki beachfront offers a wide range of accommodations for all classes.

Hotels near Honolulu Theaters
Honolulu offers a number of movie theaters and many of them located close to the Punch Bowl area. A wide range of accommodation is available in this area and visitors can find budget hotels within a radius of 3 miles from Punchbowl.
Honolulu Tours
Several service providers offer different types of Honolulu tours. An all day pass on the local trolley is among the cheapest ways to enjoy Honolulu. At the top end, you can also opt for the submarine tours.
Honolulu City Information
Honolulu is the largest city in the Oahu islands. The beaches and the series of Islands are the main draw but other components of an ideal vacation such as shopping and nightlife, art, music and theaters are also available.
Honolulu Historic Sites & Hotels Nearby
Major historic sites in Honolulu are a few miles away from the beaches. Accommodation options on the beachfront are ideal for exploring these historic sites and in the immediate vicinity of the historic sites accommodation options are lean to nil.
Honolulu Landmarks and Hotels
The Pearl Harbor and Arizona Memorial head the list of Honolulu landmarks. Downtown Honolulu, The Lolani palace, and the Waikiki beach are among the other important landmarks. Most travelers choose beachfront accommodations which are available in plenty.
Honolulu Museums :: Lodgings
Honolulu offers over 20 museums for her visitors to explore with several of them being close to each other around the Punchbowl area. Hotels in the Punchbowl area will keep you close to the museums.
Stay around universities of Honolulu
visitors to Honolulu with a focus on Universities can choose from a wide range of hotel accommodations in the Waikiki beach area and still be close to the University. A wide range of accommodation options are available on the Waikiki beaches.
Budget Lodgings in Honolulu
Visitors to Honolulu intent on stretching their dollar should look under Specialty lodgings for the most affordable lodging options. Among some of the unbelievably low priced options are Waikiki Lei Apartments ($25)Banana Bungalow, Waikiki beach ($44) and Seaside Hawaiian Hostel ($32).
Honolulu Beach Sightseeing & Vacation
Apart from miles of calm breathtaking beaches, visitors have the opportunity of indulging in golf, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating. The Honolulu zoo, The Waikiki Beach Park, The Ala Mona Beach Park, The Waikiki Marina, and USS Arizona memorial are among the other attractions around the beaches.
Honolulu Modes of Transport
There is a convenient bus service that caters to all your mobility needs around the Island. But, a car is ideal particularly when you have more luggage than you can comfortably board a bus with. Most taxi drivers are exceptionally friendly people.
Accommodation in Honolulu
Pagoda hotels and some of the establishments from Aqua hotels are ideal for budget travelers. Visitors have the ability to choose from a wide range of hotels and prices. From around $40(Waikiki beach hostel) to $300+ you can find an option at any price level.
Things to Do in Honolulu
Being in Unison with Mother Nature on the beaches or away from it is on the top of Things to do in Honolulu. Time permitting, you have some museums, but never forget the Pearl Harbor.
Honolulu Business Tour :: Hotels
Honolulu offers close to 100 hotels providing world class business hotels. Most of these hotels are closer to the Waikiki beach affording relaxed evenings after hectic business meetings during the day. Embassy Suites, Waikiki beach walk and Aqua Palms and Spa are among your options.
Honolulu Vacation Hotels
Vacationers in Honolulu have diverse options. Among various lodging options over 300 vacation rentals lead the pack. Though most of these facilities are generally pricey, it is possible to find some affordable ones among them. A handful of these are amazingly cheap - as low as $30 per room night.
Explore Honolulu
Plan your Honolulu itinerary beyond the capital and the Waikiki beaches. There is more to Honolulu than the Waikiki and the Oahuan people are an affable lot who really love the tourists visiting their "paradise".
Tips for Cheap Honolulu Travel
From the moment you check into your hotel to the time you check out, use the bus service to get around the Islands. The service is not only convenient but costs lot lesser than a taxi. Hotel accommodation farther from the beach - Downtown Honolulu for example can save some precious dollars too.
Know About Honolulu Vacation
The Hawaiian capital Honolulu is on the Oahu Island and the Waikiki beach is the major tourist attraction for visitors to Honolulu. The Island enjoys a moderate climate almost throughout the year. A Honolulu map is considered immensely beneficial to tourists. Exploring beaches other than Waikiki will enhance your experience.
Live in Honolulu
People planning to relocate to Honolulu should carefully weight the pros and cons. Some of the amenities and conveniences found in larger cities can be absent in Honolulu. You are looking at one of the Islands from the cluster as opposed to a metropolitan area.
Honolulu Accommodations of Different Types
Honolulu offers regular hotels, B&Bs;, Specialty hotels, and Vacation Rentals. With close to 300 facilities, vacation rentals lead the pack. 2 of the 9 B&Bs; offer nightly rates of about $50. With most hotels and vacation rentals the prices pitch above the $100 mark per room night.
Honolulu Downtown Shopping & Places to Stay
Ala Moana Shopping Mall is the most sought after shopping destination for Honolulu visitors. Located close to the Waikiki beach on an expansive area of over one acre, the mall offers diverse shopping opportunities. Exotic restaurants in the neighborhood are convenient to recharge yourself after a great day's shopping.