Honolulu city is a home to the most amazing restaurants and these venues are spread all over the city. These restaurants have their share of specialties and this specialty draws a lot of foodies. It is rather difficult to choose one restaurant and address it as the best. This is chiefly because there are many fantastic restaurants in Honolulu city that are known for their richness in quality and service. The restaurants house a classy interior, a chic ambience and very caring attendants.

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The city houses great beer, wine and several other exotic cocktails. Tourists get attracted to the popular restaurants that the city has-this is because they find them reliable in terms of quality of liquor, food, service and hospitality. Honolulu Hawaii travel agencies offer real help to info seekers. These are brilliant guides that offer great suggestions through a process of comparison and research.

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The top five restaurants considering public opinion are Alan Wong's, La Mer, Roy's, Hoku's, and Chef Mavro. All these restaurants provide ideal luxury, richness and a healthy environment. They offer guests with the most delectable cuisines that the island is proud of and is famous for. Hoku's is a restaurant in Honolulu which is a very big name. It is famous for preparing amazing grilled fish items, lamb and several other roasted varieties.

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La Mer has class and it is famous for its iconic decor. It is a very prestigious dining venue. The restaurant is famous for preparing the most irresistible Southern French dishes blended with the Hawaiian style.

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Honolulu travel tips are also furnished by many travel guides and these tips often help tourists who have no idea about to go around the city and make their trip fulfilling.

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