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Eateries abound in Honolulu. You have to just decide what you would like to eat, the continental and Italian cuisine or the traditional Hawaiian cuisine. If you choose the latter, you could be soon eating roast pork, seafood salad and coconut pudding. A tasty Hawaiian meal by the sea would seem a perfect deal. It's not unachievable. Ask around and enquire about the best restaurants Honolulu. The locals will more often than not guide you to some of the tastiest food. Books and articles like ours are your other ways to identify good restaurants.
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Honolulu Restaurant Directory: Finding the Right Place Based on Your Needs

Waikiki is the main center for dining in Honolulu. Even though Honolulu is known to be the capital of urban romantic dinners, you can find the largest concentration of world famous restaurants in Waikiki beach area.

Honolulu also has its own share of restaurant chains like Buca Di Beppo, famous southern Italian cuisine and California Pizza to steak houses like Morton's and Chuck's. There are more than 231 Honolulu restaurants offering the best food you could ever imagine.

Some of the best restaurants you can pick in Honolulu are:

- Shore bird restaurant - The unique feature of this restaurant is that you can become a chef here and pick and poke steak, ribs, chicken and fresh fish on your own personal grill. However this is optional and if you do not want to be your own chef, this restaurant can also prepare food for you.

- Side Street Inn - This is perfect casual hang out spot for people interested in tasting fried pork chops.

- The Kahala hotel and resort - This is one of the top rated cuisines that lets you relish wok fried whole island fish along with salt crusted Colorado rack of lamb while gazing out over the pacific.

- Hawaii boasts of its traditional island food and there is no place better than John Dominos to taste this wonderful sea food.

- Nick's fish market is also held high in regard for its sea food menu.

Some of the other featured restaurants in Honolulu include La Mer, Alan Wong's, Haleiwa Joe's, Duke's Canoe Club, Wailana Coffee House, Matteo's, Twist at Hanohano, The Patisserie and Sonny's Grill.

Extravaganzas of food would be delighted to visit this city as they have wide range of culinary options both within Honolulu and throughout the island. So make sure you check out some of these during your next visit to Honolulu.

Eating Out in Honolulu - Guide to the Best Local Food in the Best Restaurants

Honolulu is a hot favorite among tourists not just for its beauty and ambience, but also for its unique range of restaurants and cuisines. Its restaurants are peaceful and homely and provide a whole array of delicacies which are too good to be true.

'House Without a key' restaurant, which has a mention in a Charlie Chan novel, is a marvelous choice if you want Hula dancing and music to go with your delightful meal. Peanut Crusted Barbecued Chicken Skewers, Shrimp and Crab Crostini are some of the meals which are much sought after. The desserts like Toblerone Chocolate Mousse Cake and Macadamia Nut Pie are excellent options as well. Navatek Dinner Cruise and Royal Sunset Dinner Cruise are other options.

Description of restaurants in Honolulu

Honolulu blends cuisines and drinks of almost all cultures into one fabulous mixture. The restaurants have the ability to attract everyone who visits and needless to say, the tourists are not disappointed. Matteo's in the Marine Surf Hotel is one of the finest Italian restaurant having an amazing menu. La Mer in Halekulani Hotel serves French food.

Legend Seafood Restaurant and Pho 97 on Maunakea offers mouth watering Chinese food. 'Pho' is popular for its Vietnamese soup as well. Chef Mavro Restaurant, Sam Choy's are other popular destinations.

Restaurants according to regions of Honolulu

The restaurants have grandeur of their own and are highly affordable. Restaurants such as 'Sekiya's Restaurant & Delicatessen' and 'Zippy's Restaurant' have very affordable meals ranging from American to Vietnamese food. There are an immense amount of starters, main course and desserts to choose from and are a boon to tourists. These restaurants make Honolulu travelers' paradise.

Affordable restaurants serving good food in Honolulu