Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, at the heart of Waikiki, presents shopping options, fine dine and entertainment. Shops ranging from local stalls to international boutiques exist on its four levels. There are some excellent fine dining options and also places to just grab a bite. You can also join the ukulele, hula and lei making classes. There is also a shooting club and a nightclub, an open air bar and other such facilities in the center. If you are searching for ideas to shop and eat in Honolulu, examine our articles.
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Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

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Royal Hawaiian Shopping Centre: Wonderful Destination for Shopping Enthusiasts

The city of Honolulu has always kept its tourists guessing. There's no end to what you could get in the city.

Talk about shopping destinations, luscious restaurants and mind blowing vacation rentals, the city of Honolulu is always on the top gear with its top notch amenities and they keep doing that for thousands of visitors who come to this city every year.

The city has many shopping destinations such as Roxy Quicksilver Honolulu and War Warehouse, but Royal Hawaiian shopping centre is probably the best in the city.

The reason why tourists visit this place often is their collection of clothing stuff from European designers.

You would find clothing stuff from Chanel, Celine, and Prada. There are many European stores at the Royal Hawaiian shopping center.

You would also come across clothing collection from Gianni Versace and few others. The shopping mall is not just restricted to shopping only. You would also come across great dining space.

The restaurants at the shopping centre are a great hit among the tourists and the locals alike.

To find eateries in the mall, you should head straight to the second floor, where you are likely to find few restaurants to quench your hunger.

The royal Hawaiian shopping centre is a hub of night life entertainment. You may also choose to learn music if you intend to. The music classes are held at the royal groove.

However, September is the best time to visit the centre, as it's their anniversary time, and you would witness great wine and food festival in their premises.

It is located at 2201 KalaKaua Avenue.

Exploring Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center: Tips on Getting the Most Amazing Shopping Experience

Who doesn't love shopping? When you are at a place as enormous and as spectacular as the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, you wouldn't want to leave the place, ever! The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is a four level retail structure that is situated almost right in the middle of Waikiki in Oahu, Hawaii. Spread out over 310,000 square feet and covering a length of 3 blocks along Kalakaua Avenue, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is every shoppers delight. You literally can shop till your drop here.

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center At A Glance

Opened for the public in the year 1980, the shopping center was entrusted under a huge renovation project in the year 2005, on the eve of its 25th anniversary. After three years and a cost of $115, on June 2008, the project was complete and the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center stood more proudly beautiful than ever before.

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Introduction

Today, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is one of the most popular hang out places for both locals and tourists in the city. The innumerable numbers of shops to attract the shoppers every day don't hurt either.

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center: History

When it comes to shops, there is nothing more delightful than corridor after corridor of shops and boutiques containing everything from fashion wear to art galleries selling the trendiest of items that you can buy for yourself or as souvenirs for those back home. There is too many shops and stores to count and you just might find too many shopping bags in your hand at the end of the day than you expected. But all in all, this is one place where you wouldn't mind coming the day again.

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center