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It's one thing to watch dolphins in the sea while you are on a boat and it's another to hold a dolphin's fin while it swims. Well, you could be lucky to get the latter pleasure if you visit the Sea Life Park Hawaii. Located at Makapuu Point, the park features sea lions, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, turtles, penguins and other forms of marine life. Different programs of interaction with dolphins, swimming with stingrays and the like are available for visitors. Spare a day for Sea Life Park. Find other such places of interest in our articles.
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Sea Life Park in Honolulu Hawaii: A Perfect Destination for Fun Experiences

Sea Life Park Hawaii situated at the Hanauma Bay, Oahu Island in Hawaii was inaugurated in the year 1964 and has opened up opportunities for kids as well as parents to enjoy swimming with dolphins, rays and sea lions. You can feed the sea turtles and enjoy safari in the aquarium. There is also aquarium and bird sanctuary in the Sea Life Park Hawaii.

There are a number of exhibitions and facilities to choose from. The 300,000-US-gallon Hawaiian Reef Aquarium tank houses more than 2000 reef animals that include turtles, sharks, schools of tropical fish and stingrays.

Hawaiian Ocean Theater hosts a number of interesting shows that include sea lions, penguins and dolphins. You can also avail of information relating to park's conservation efforts and about implementation of the latest training techniques.

Penguin Habitat is a home to a number of penguins. It constitutes a part of Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan designed for the Humboldt Penguin. Visitors are given chance to interact with animals in Sting Ray Lagoon, Sea Turtle Feeding Pool, Swim with Dolphins pools and Swim with the Sea Lions.

Dolphin Cove Show is an open-air theater where visitors can enjoy performances by dolphins.

Bird Sanctuary hosts some of the most beautiful birds like albatrosses, shearwaters, and boobys. The bird lovers will surely love the collection here. Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat gives opportunity to the visitors to interact with trainers both before as well as after the shows.

So make sure you are visiting the Sea Life Park Hawaii situated at the Hanauma Bay which is a perfect destination for fun experiences.

Experience the Sea: Touring Sea Life Park in Hawaii

Get near the penguins, sea turtles, dolphins and more and experience Hawaii's famous marine life. At the Makapuu beach, Sea Life Park in Hawaii gets you a world class aquatic experience at the Oahu's. You can have a great underwater adventure in this wonderful place.

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The attractions in this park are the Dolphin Cove show, Hawaiian Ocean Theater, The Hawaiian reef aquarium and many more.

Park Attractions

The park hours at Sea Life Park are from 10:30 am to 5:00pm daily. The entrance fee to the park is $29.99 USD per person and $19.99 for children aged 3 to 11 years of age. This includes the park shows which are scheduled all over the day and also all park exhibits of the marine life.

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This sea park showcases an exhilarating dolphin show in the evenings, which is complete with an authentic fun experience. They offer snacks and cold drinks inside the park. If you would love to interact with the animals in the water you should get a towel and a swimsuit.

One can enjoy the underwater photo safari that features stingrays and sharks that circle under as visitors who descend into the ocean expanse of Hawaii reef aquarium.

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The ocean theater of Hawaii is the ground for main shows that features the dolphins, penguins and sea lions. This park is in several conversation areas which include the release of green sea turtles which were hatched and also were raised in the park. Many of them are released into the wild every year.

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Sea Life Park Hawaii Coupons and Discounts

Have you ever experienced riding a dolphin? Do you dare to dive in an 18 feet reef tank? How about encountering Hawaiian manta rays with a chance to feed them, pet them and snorkel along beside them? Dreams can come true at the world-class marine attraction, Sea Life Park Hawaii.

When touring to Sea Life Park Hawaii, you'd better get your wallet loaded since some interactive programs can be pricy. General admission is $30. It covers show and exhibits including Dolphin Cove, Hawaiian Ocean Theater, Kolohe Kai Surf Club, Hawaiian Reef, Pirates' Lagoon and etc. However, the six special programs which are the highlights of the park will cost you hundreds of extra money. The six special programs are respectively Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure, Dolphin Encounter, Sea Lion Swim, Sea Trek Adventure and Hawaiian Ray Encounter.

You may want to ask: is there any way to cut the budget? Yep. Just follow our steps and you will be surprised at how much you can save.

For local residents, they have nothing to worry about. Resident deals are available to them. But for us visitors, the best and easiest way to save bucks is to get a Foodland Maikai card. With a Foodland Maikai card, you can get a discounted admission which is approximately $12. Several people (6-8) can share one card. If you are group visitors, four pack tickets only cost you $40. It means you can save over 60% off. Why not?

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Now you might be wondering how to save on special programs since they are what most people go there for. Take it easy. We'll show you some easy tricks. If you are going there for the special programs, remember not to buy the general admission. Generally the cost of special programs covers general admission.

Great deals on special programs can be found at Sav-On Tours. For instance, the retail price of Dolphin Royal Swim is $235 yet their price is just $100. Retail price of Dolphin Swim Adventure is $185 and their price is $154. Retail price of Dolphin Encounter is $100 and their price is $84. That is awesome, right? You can all them now at 808-924-6639. Here is the link:

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