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Honolulu City is one of those handful places offering real time surfing and diving experience. Honolulu is popular with both tourists and locals for its amazing attractions and aquatic life. One can learn the art of surfing and diving at some of the best secluded beaches with perfect size of waves offering an unforgettable experience.

One can feel the beauty of the beaches along with some wonderful learning and fun. There are many surfing and diving beaches in Honolulu enticing fun lovers from all across the nation.

Some of the surfing and diving beaches are:

- Diamond Head Lighthouse- It is one of the best spots on the south shore which is protected from the trade winds providing a breathtaking experience under water

- Point Panic, Oahu- This is one of the most amazing spot for body surfing. The water is calm and lucid providing a fun filled experience

- Sandy Beach- This beach is an ultimate destination for surfing. People from all across the world come to experience its amazing sights and activities

Honolulu city houses a number of surfing and diving beaches attracting tourists and locals for an amazing beach experience. Some of the highly admired surfing and diving spots are:

- Banzai Pipeline

- Sharks Cove

- Sandy Beach Park

- Moku Hawaii

- Sunset Beach

- Rainbow drive-in

One needs to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii to experience the madness dancing under the water. The whole experience of surfing and diving will take you in a different world of fun, thrill and excitement.

There are many travel operators and portals offering Honolulu travel packages at a discounted price in off seasons. One needs to crosscheck before taking any decision. If you want to experience thrill under water then head for Honolulu.

Information on Surfing and Diving Spots

List of Surfing and Diving spots

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