Tips on Finding Best Affordable Lodging in Honolulu - Hotels and Condo Rentals

Honolulu, especially the Oahu Island has been the traveller's paradise right since the beginning. The beaches of the county attract the tourists from all over the world, making tourism the biggest industry in the state of Hawaii. However, you need to be cautious when planning your trip to Honolulu, as accommodation is a bit on the costlier side.

If you are planning to go along with your family or wanting to arrange a group vacation to Honolulu, then you better make sure the hotels that you choose have all the facilities that you are looking for, like internet access, laundry, refrigerator etc. Once you decide the hotel according to your budget and needs, you should make an advance booking.

Honolulu Hotel Guide

The following are a few recommended lodging spots for tourists visiting Honolulu.

However, if you are looking to shell out fewer amounts for accommodation, then you could look for condos. The best one of them happens to be The Marine Surf, Waikiki. A night's stay here could cost you up to $120 depending upon the services you opt for. One can also avail long term rentals at this place for nominal prices.

Marine Surf Official Website

The Resort Quest Hotels are also a very good option that one might consider for a vacation stay. The Hotels are in close vicinity of the beaches and offer up to 45% discounts to certain customers who book well in advance.

Book your stay at Resort Quest

Make a call to the Oahu visitor's bureau to get any information on the accommodations available on the island. You may visit their website also to get in contact with their personnel.

Oahu Visitors Bureau website

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