Touring Honolulu Zoo - An Unsurpassed Family Trip

The Honolulu national zoo is the principal zoological institution of research in the city and county of Honolulu. It is the only zoo to be made by grants by a sovereign monarch. It covers an area of 300 acre and provides shelter to more than 1230 animals in a specially designed habitat. More than 750,000 visitors visit the zoo annually.

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The zoo has large variety of mammals, birds and reptiles. There are metal sculptures of ostrich and giraffe by Charles Watson; bronze Elephants child by Tom tischler and much more. Timings for the zoo are 9 am to 4:30 pm daily. However it is closed for Christmas days. Ticket price for general admission is $12 and little less for the local crowd. Hawaii zoo coupons allow access to Honolulu zoo, thus giving instant saving.

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It offers lots of interesting activities to its visitors. Some of the activities are:

- Art in the zoo: artists get an opportunity to closely observe the shape, texture and movement of the animal they wish to paint.

- Dinner safari: you get the chance to explore the zoo at twilight. The program starts at 6 pm and gets over by 10 pm.

- Star gazing at the zoo: you can explore the night sky and discover animals that are out of the world with astronomers from UH institute of astronomy.

- Vacation adventures: this program is for children of the age group 6-11. A camp is organized which is usually for 5 days.

Honolulu zoo discounted coupon

Honolulu zoo discounted coupon

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