Travel Guide for Female Travelers: Top Recommendations of Safe and Clean Honolulu Motels

If you wish to freak out in Honolulu with your group of girl friends then you should definitely opt for a place - safe and clean, cozy and comfortable for a perfect girl's vacation. There is no scarcity of such affordable and safe motels in Honolulu catering to all your needs.

Fernhurst Residence is one such mind blowing motel accommodation option, cheap and safe, just apt for your girl party. Housing 40 elegant rooms, including single, double and standard types, the motel also provides dormitory style lodging opportunities for a large group of women travelers in Honolulu. Well-equipped with all modern amenities needed for a comfortable and convenient stay, the motel also bestows you and your friends with entertainment galore. You can just go on an adventure spree - kayaking, surfing, beach combing, swimming and catching glimpses of marine animals evoking a perfect holiday mood.

The rates are reasonable enough ranging between $45 to $65 per night which also embraces complimentary breakfast and dinner. Relax at the glimmering guest lounge; gorge on some mouthwatering snacks at the BBQ Area, or just freak out at the nearby pubs, beaches or restaurants to have the blast of your lives.

Hilton Grand Vacations Company also provides a number of hotels and motels worth the price and comfortable to the core - just the apt accommodation option for women. Meant mainly for family stay, these motels ensures enough safety and security measures for women visitors as well.

Other motel options in Honolulu are Fong Inn, Kents Drive Inn, Continental Drive Condos, and Kiku Inn.

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