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Visited by around 300,000 people a year, the Waikiki Aquarium is home to around 450 species of marine life. There are stories that suggest this aquarium was the inspiration for Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The aquarium is the third oldest in the country, set up in 1904. The Waikiki Aquarium also showed displays of living corals, creating an environment of optimum seawater for them to grow. It is also the first in the world to have bred chambered nautilus. Learn more about the aquarium and ways to get there in our articles.
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Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu: Getting to Know Amazing Marine Creatures

The Waikiki Aquarium was founded on 19th March 1904. The Waikiki Aquarium is the third oldest aquarium in United States. The Waikiki Aquarium is established with a mission to inspire and promote the understanding and conservation of the pacific marine life. The Aquarium is located at: 2777, Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815.

The aquarium was established with 35 tanks and 400 marine organisms. The regular hours of the aquarium is 9 am to 4.30 pm. The admission fee will get differ according to the age of the visitors. The fee for adult is $9, and for students, senior citizens and military personnel the fee is $6. The youth from the age 13 to 17 are allowed with a fee of $4 and the fee for juniors from the age 5 to 12 is $2. Children under the age of 4 are admitted free.

There are numerous varieties of marine creatures in Waikiki Aquarium. The animals in the aquarium are classified as invertebrates, vertebrates, reptiles and mammals. The invertebrates include cnidarians, worms, mollusks, crustaceans, and Echinoderms. The aquarium schedules school programs, community programs to educate the students and the people to know about the marine life.

The Docent guided tour is the 75 minute program organized by the aquarium. The professional staffs and the volunteers guide the guest in the tour. The tour features 30 minutes of class room presentation. The remaining 45 minutes tour is about the features of aquarium. The tour is organized under the prior reservation and special programs are organized for the guests to know about the aquatic life.

Waikiki Aquarium Hours and Admission Information

Are you curious about the Pacific marine life? Waikiki Aquarium is such a stage aiming to "show the world the riches of Hawaii's reefs". Waikiki Aquarium, originally known as the Honolulu Aquarium, is the third oldest aquarium in the country. After a hundred year's development, Waikiki Aquarium has become the home to 3055 organisms with an annually attendance of over 350,000 visitors.

A tour to Waikiki Aquarium would be your once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness a great diversity of species which are rare or absent in other parts of the world. Some aquarium exhibits there include Corals Are Alive, South Pacific Marine Communities, Jet Set, Hawaiian Marine Communities, Ocean Drifters, Hunters on the Reef and more. Extensive aquarium exhibits can not only satisfy our curiosity but also increase your awareness of protecting marine life and their natural habitats. You can expect more from the Waikiki Aquarium exhibits:

Waikiki Aquarium Exhibits


Now you might be eager to explore Waikiki Aquarium by yourself. To get fully prepared, we'll share you with the hours and admission info ahead of your schedule.

Aquarium Hours: Waikiki Aquarium is open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm every day during regular time. Special hours only apply to Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day. On Thanksgiving Day, Waikiki Aquarium is opened at 9:00 am and closed at 2:30 pm. On New Year's Day, the operating hours of Waikiki Aquarium last from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. Waikiki Aquarium is closed on Honolulu Marathon Day and Christmas Day. Honolulu Marathon Day is on December 12.

Gift Shop Hours: As for the gift shop hours, it's same to the opening hours of Waikiki Aquarium. The Gift Shop has a large selection of Hawaiian artwork, books on marine life and many more special souvenirs. Free shipping is available there.

Admission Prices: General admission price of Waikiki Aquarium is $9. For local residents with proof of residency, Active Duty Military with military ID, students with student ID and seniors over 65 with ID, their admission price is $6. For youth between 13 and 17 or disabled people, admission is $4. For juniors between 5 and 12, admission is $2. Free admission is available for children under 4.

Admission can be paid via Cash, Visa, Mastercard or US Travelers' Checks. If there is any change of admission, you might refer to the prices on their official site:

Admission Price


Special Programs Hours: Apart from normal exhibits, Waikiki Aquarium also hosts a wide variety of Family Programs, Adult Programs, Summer Camp and Group Activities.

For instance, the Summer Camp program will give students a chance to learn lives in Hawaiian water. The Summer Camp will last from June 13 to June 17 or from June 27 to July 1. The camp hour lasts from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm except Friday. On Friday, the camp time only lasts for two hours, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. School buddies, you can register for the Summer Camp from April 1st, 2011.

Some family programs are available at night. It must be an unforgettable experience to explore the reef at Night with your families. Since January 2nd, 2011, the Exploring the Reef at Night programs begins. In the first quarter of 2011, four days have been arranged for this program. They are respectively Jan 2nd, Jan 18th, Feb 16th and Mar 18th. The program generally lasts from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Adult admission is $15 and children admission is $9 for members. Non-members may need to pay additional $3. You need to register for it in advance.

More interesting programs are scheduled at Waikiki Aquarium. If you are interested in any of the programs, please check for more info and register for the programs on their official website:

Waikiki Aquarium Programs


Complete Guide to Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu: Admission Prices, Facility Rentals and Aquarium Exhibits

Waikiki Aquarium may be termed as a marine science institute, but it's also an extremely entertaining destination. It educates people of aquatic species and also amuses tourists coming to this place from different corners of the world. It showcases more than 500 species with different origins. The aquarium opens at 9am and gets closed at 4.30 pm on regular occasions. However, on special days of the year the hours may vary a little.

The general admission cost to this aquarium is $9. The rate is $6 for elderly people, members of the military and students. The rate is even lower, only $4 for young people between the age of 13 years and 17 years and people with disability. If you are between 5 to 12 years of age, you will have to spend only $2 for an entry to the aquarium.

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You can organize any open air event at the Waikiki Aquarium. The rental fees include many facilities like: admission to the Aquarium Galleries, an outdoor exhibit of 7500 gallons and an exciting seal habitat. You can make reservations one year in advance. However, you must make sure that you book the place at least four weeks before the event.

Two of the he most popular exhibits of this famous marine world are:

The Edge of the Reef: This recreation of a Hawaiian shoreline is filled with colorful fishes.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal: This specie is one of the most endangered species of this world. This place is among the few in this world where you can study the habits of these varieties of seals.

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