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Honolulu is a year-round destination because the weather favours it. People coming to Honolulu will always be greeted by the warm sun and breeze. Thanks to the weather, Honolulu can entertain its tourists during summers, winters and even the rains. The average temperature of the island is 77.2. Summers see a high of 81 and winters a low of 73, on an average. The variation in temperature of the water is also not so much as to disrupt tourist activity. To know more about geography, demography and other statistics, read our articles.
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Info about Weather Conditions in Honolulu: Choosing the Right Season to Go

It's a hard choice to make. Honolulu has a very inviting weather during the month of December and it lasts up till March. The rates of hotels during this period are expensive, and you would also find hotels booked completely if you have not booked your hotel suites in advance.

The most acceptable period is during the month of April and also during late autumn. The reason is the hotels rates are cheaper during this period, and the rush is lesser. While the rest of the season is hot, and could be humid as well.

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Honolulu is hot by all means. Different people have different perception about the climate in Honolulu. Some say that Honolulu doesn't have any winter, it is because the coldest temperature you have is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is again very strange.

This leaves Honolulu with just three seasons, summer, rainy and autumn.

Rains normally fall during the winter months, and it is also called the peak time in Honolulu calendar.

Different seasons of Honolulu

Honolulu has tropical weather, and you could in fact, visit Honolulu during any part of the year.

Hawaii is normally thronged by visitors during the month of December, and it continues till the summer.

However you should keep one thing in mind. Don't make a trip to Honolulu during the Japanese festival time from the last week of April to first week of May.

The weather in Honolulu

Try and book your tickets to Honolulu after carefully consulting with tour operators.

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Honolulu is the most populous thoroughfare city in Hawaii. Its beautiful oceanic vision, plenty of attractions and honeymoon ventures bring people here in throngs. Its moderate climate is another positive reason for people to come in groups and enjoy

This place is referred to as a tropical dry and we climate zone. You don't get more than 35 degrees Celsius any time f the year. Lowest temperature hovers around 19 degrees. With such a low range, climate is almost air conditioned.

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Yet, summers can be a bit boggling with almost no rainfall, a prerequisite for natural bodies. Whatever rainfall Honolulu gets, it is in autumn and winter months. Rainfall gauze is too low and thus if you have packed your bags from a dry climate thinking to soak in rain, the only water you will get here to drench is of the oceans. Sadly, these oceans have ensured such moderations and thundershowers are practically non-existent.

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Best times thus to visit Honolulu will be December and January as the temperature is soothing and you get venerable rains at last. There are various news channels like kitv and you get 7-10 day weather forecasts each day. Yet the city has a range of volcanic cones like Punchbowl and Salt Lake and DFS Galleria takes care of tourists in a nice way.

Come here on honeymoon trips or family gatherings, take a nice cabin rental and enjoy the splashes on silver sands. Honolulu is all about natural entertainment without any worry of sun or rain.